Backstage News on Antonio Cesaro’s Status, RAW Viewership News

– After holding the United States Championship for 240 days through last month when he was upended by Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cesaro’s standing in WWE has been greatly curtailed as the Swiss grappler has lost the majority of his televised matches. For those wondering whether his demotion is as a result of “heat” backstage, it is not. Rather, top WWE officials simply feel he lacks personality.

While addressing Cesaro’s current placement in WWE, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio Monday night that company brass believe that the former Ring of Honor standout is “boring,” resulting in his slide down the card. Some in WWE, however, are not in favor of the demotion, and believe Cesaro should be a headliner.

While Cesaro engaged in a match with Kingston two weeks on WWE Main Event that was well-received by management, it failed to alter his standing in the organization. Meltzer noted, “They don’t see him any higher than they did two weeks ago. There was lip service paid there for a week or two, but it’s over now.”

– Monday’s episode of RAW averaged 4.05 million viewers, which is up from last week’s 3.917 million viewers. RAW did 3.79 million viewers the first hour, 4.10 million viewers the second, and 4.25 million viewers for the final third hour.