Big Show’s Next Feud, Vickie Comments on Ziggler and Swagger, More

Posted by Matt Boone June 19, 2012 4 Comments

- As seen on RAW last night, Dolph Ziggler defeated Jack Swagger to win over Vickie Guerrero. Vickie commented on Twitter:

“Today Is the end of all the fighting between @HEELZiggler and jack swagger….dolph won my admiration”

– Ricardo Rodriguez, who has wrestled on the independents and in FCW as Chimaera, wrote the following teaser on Twitter last night after he laid out Santino Marella on RAW:

“#AngerRising #ChimaerasRage”

– WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel will be taking some time off for vacation beginning this coming weekend.

– There has been talk of putting Big Show in the World Heavyweight Title picture on SmackDown.

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    • Vickie Guerrero

      EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!!…..EXCUSE ME!!!! My late husband would be ashamed.

    • AreYouSeriousBro

      Big Show in the title picture?! No. =_=

    • b-ri

      that would make sense to give big show a major title (if you consider the world title major) hes been there forever and gotten screwed over for 15 years as for dolph ziggler i sincerely hope he is utilized properly he is really over with the crowd and he is very talented really hoping flair comes to wwe and manages him i think the vickie thing is getting somewhat old as for swagger it would start a good rivalry between the two of em vickie will go crawling back to swagger and also this ricardo santino rivalry is pointless especially because the title is involved i understand its for comedy purposes but the u.s title could be used for something else

    • Mary Hope

      Omg yes, yes, rrrrrr yes!!!!
      Love when they point out only the best! Hear the guy who sweeps is out for juicing!

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