Backstage News on Brad Maddox, Paul Heyman’s T-Shirt, More

Posted by Matt Boone December 2, 2012 3 Comments

- The documentary portion from WWE’s recent DVD on The nWo is now streaming on Xbox, the Playstation Network and Vudu.

- Nickelodeon will release Fred 3: Camp Fred on DVD December 4th. It features John Cena in a supporting role.

- For the second time since releasing them, WWE’s shop website has sold out of most sizes of the “I’m a Paul Heyman Guy” t-shirt. Heyman indicated on Twitter that shirts ordered now will still ship in time for Christmas.

- WWE is expected to bring Brad Maddox back to the storylines in time for January’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. There are plans for him to start wrestling. As noted, Triple H is high on Maddox.

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