Backstage News on Brad Maddox, Why He Wasn’t on RAW

Posted by Matt Boone October 30, 2012 3 Comments

- There were lots of ideas discussed internally for the finish to Ryback vs. CM Punk at WWE Hell In a Cell but the angle with referee Brad Maddox doing a screwjob on Ryback was what Vince McMahon picked towards the last minute.

The storyline reason for Maddox not being on last night’s RAW was that he was going through a medical evaluation after Ryback attacked him at Hell In a Cell. Maddox will be back on next week’s RAW.

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    • jesse sutton

      thats fucked up VINCE

    • kindred1313

      All they had to do is have Ryback go out with a mic before the match and say “He didn’t want the tittle he just wanted to hurt Punk” then it wouldn’t have been a screwjob and Ryback would have won and Punk would have been able to glote that he is still Chanp. I mean WTF how hard is that

    • King James

      There were quite a few good ways to end the match. McMahon picked the worst possible one.

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