Backstage News on Cena vs. Ryback at Payback, Possible Heel Turns, More

Posted by Matt Boone June 12, 2013 10 Comments

- As of this week, Ryback is not scheduled to win the WWE Title from John Cena at Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view. The whole idea behind the Three Stages of Hell match is that it will be used as a vehicle to get Cena over big for the summer.

– The Payback card was changed over the weekend. WWE announced Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on RAW but as of last Saturday, the plan was to do a Bryan vs. Orton singles match.

At last word, Bryan is still scheduled to be part of the WWE Title picture in July and August of this year.

– On a related note, it’s possible we see two heels turns at Payback, one with Bryan and the other with Chris Jericho.


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    • morrisonfanone

      I hate Jericho as a heel. Daniel Bryan was a bad heel. If they turn anyone heel, make it Kane.

      • Bam Bam

        Yes! I miss the heel Kane with the choke slammin everybody and not caring who he hurts and all. Not this hug it out voice of reason bullshit that he’s doin now I thought when they put the mask back on him so he can be more like the old Kane but now he is acting like he shouldn’t wear the mask.

        • anil

          Kane is just a guy in a mask now. a tall rey mysterio. no ones scared of him! flipping hell they should change his name too
          pisses me off to see whats become of him
          ‘big red machine’ ‘big red monster’…oh please

        • morrisonfanone

          Exactly. Make him heel or take the mask off. And since when is Kane a good choice for the voice of reason? Makes no sense.

    • roguewrastlinfan

      Why was Team Hell No split up, they were fun to watch.

    • Canuck 703

      Ryback loosing to Cena so they can go Super Cena over the summer Geez what a unique & cleaver idea…..NOT. Have Bryan win the title as a face & have Kane go back to the Big Red Monster who beats down face & heel alike, Better yet have him do it during ones of those lame kiddie friendly hug-fests WWE seems to be so fond of lately. As I’ve mentioned before get some more mature themed stuff out there !!

    • Ice

      Turn Daniel Bryan heel???? why do they keep changing every wrestler’s character status when they have to face Cena??? Why not have it Face vs Face??? I can guarantee that they can get money sells with that, since the crowd are loving Daniel Bryan.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Bryan is such a top notch performer right now, it doesn’t matter if he’s a heel or face, he can get over & put anyone else over.
      Hopefully, the WWE sticks to their guns & doesn’t let Ryback be champ. He was so-so as a face & sucks as a heel. Ryback rulz….huh, Ryback sucks!!!!!! Btw, do not let him near a live mic, he does awful promos.

    • WWEGTS fan

      If WWE is watch watching this, please don’t do heel turns. It really stinks having people hate my favourite wrestlers and watch WWE making them lose

    • fan

      I have a crazy idea?!?! MAKE RANDY ORTON A HEEL AGAIN!!!!! It’s crazy WWE i know but it just might work (Sarcastic voice)

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