Backstage News on Cena’s Recovery & Possible HIAC Role, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 12, 2012 8 Comments

- We noted before that WWE Diva Beth Phoenix was attending this weekend’s New York City Comic-Con but is not advertised. She’s attending as a fan with her boyfriend Edge, who will apparently be appearing but is not on the NYCCC website. Here’s the wrestler line-up for this weekend:

* Dolph Ziggler on Saturday
* Booker T on Saturday
* Vader on Thursday and Saturday
* Angelina Love on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Velvet Sky on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* The Bella Twins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Brutus Beefcake on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Greg “The Hammer” Valentine on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Tito Santana on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Robbie E on Friday
* Kevin Nash and Kelly Kelly will also be appearing

– The latest word on John Cena’s injury is that he’s recovering slowly from the elbow surgery. It remains to be seen if Cena will be ready for Hell In a Cell and may end up being a “down to the wire” decision. It was expected that WWE would have a solid answer on Monday’s RAW but that’s not confirmed.

– One idea that was discussed at RAW this past week was to have Cena be the special referee for CM Punk vs. Ryback at Hell In a Cell, if they have to go with Ryback as the challenger.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • Matt Rayfield

      Well Punk will go with Cena because he does not want anything to do with Ryback as the challenger.

      • Unknown

        If u really think CM Punk is afraid of Ryback u r really close minded if Cena is 100% by hell in a cell Vince would replace Ryback in a second

        • Matt Rayfield

          no i am going by how vince will think and how punk will decide and he does not want anything to do with ryback because he’d rather face cena. But i’d want to see cena turn heel and cost ryback the title too.

          • Spencer Elliott

            I can’t tell if you’re a mark, or you have some legit reason why Punk wouldn’t want to face Ryback. :-/

            • Matt Rayfield

              Punk will go after Cena because like i stated before he wants nothing to do with Ryback. Watch Raw today and you will see. I hope i am wrong tho. But if he wants to face cena then it will be punk’s choice. As much as i want to see Ryback get the title shot, it just won’t happen. i don’t care for the so called mark c**p, but when you see raw and Punk chooses Cena over Ryback don’t come crying to me and don’t make me say i told ya so.

              Edit Well i can say that i am wrong and that Ryback is getting the shot. It is good that we are not seeing Cena vs Punk number whatever for a while too he is not cleared enough to wrestle yet so this is good.

            • Spencer Elliott

              I think you take this too seriously, it’s entertainment.

    • Rashard Hayes

      Cena turns heel and cost Ryback the match. DO IT

    • a.k.

      there must be a rematch of john cena vs cm punk!

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