Backstage News on Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy Promotes Extreme Rising

Posted by Matt Boone June 22, 2012 6 Comments

- Below is Matt Hardy’s video from earlier this month to promote his appearances for the Extreme Rising promotion later this month:

– Chris Jericho’s WWE suspension ends this weekend and he will be returning on Monday’s RAW. Jericho continues his suspension countdown on Twitter this morning:

“One man, one goal One mission One heart, one soul Just one solution One flash of light One God, one vision One flesh, one bone…”

Speaking of Jericho’s return to RAW, speculation from within WWE this week is that he will receive a babyface push.

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    • WWE

      About time he was a face again. Remember just how over this guy was from 1999 to about late 2001?. He always got a thundorous ovation when his countdown and explosion entrance went off. Man I miss that. After the many heel turns and the brief face return in 2007 he didn’t seem to get the same fan response like he used to so I hope WWE will push him to the sky with this one. He deserves it.

    • The Miz

      finally a face turn.. been waiting for this for a long time.. i’ll admit his better heel than a face.. hope wwe push him good this guy has in ring skills and one of those wrestling that has a mic skill.. but to whom he will be feud with?..

    • b-ri

      thank you god!!! its a shame he was a heel in the first place because wwe cant develop heels themselves smh they need to stop going after these athletic types and start going for guys with personality

    • TRazor

      A face Jericho can do wonders in putting over guys like Ziggler, Rhodes, Bryan and Barret. This move makes sense because the faces are already being pushed to the moon (Ryback, Clay, Punk)

    • wwecritic

      I hate jerkicho no matter how he wrestles face or hell he sucks and is a old timer who won’t retire????? And let it go that he can handle all the new talent around the new wwe.
      Ryback could retire him and should make an impact and Chris Irvine can go play rock star with his fozzy kronies and wait for his wife to leave him cause he is a pathetic excuse for a person.
      Any of these new talents can end him if they wanted to??? He is like old yeller in need of a put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Load the kick Shawn Michaels and super kick his head off and wake him up…

      • Nkosi Duncan


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