Backstage News on CM Punk’s Return, Costas Talks McMahon, Bateman

Posted by Matt Boone May 18, 2013 6 Comments

- Bob Costas talked about his 2001 HBO interview with Vince McMahon in a new interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. In the video below, Costas reads a statement from McMahon 12 years later:

– Former WWE star Derrick Bateman, who was cut on Friday, can be reached for bookings at

– Everything regarding CM Punk’s return to action is being kept quiet within WWE. A lot depends on how well his knee heals up but it will be interesting to see if he returns on Monday’s RAW from Canada because that was the most recent date officials wanted him back. Punk would need to return soon if he’s going to have a match on the June 16th Payback pay-per-view, as planned before.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Derp.

      I hope he doesn’t come back just yet. I am a huge Punk fan, but I want him to be 110% ready before they bring him back. He had such a heavy schedule when he was champion for the whole year, it exhausted him and broke him down. I don’t want that to happen again. They were pushing him too hard and of course it was gonna effect him. Don’t come back too soon, the wwe universe can wait.

      • TexansFanatic

        reminds me of when HBK was champ before he lost to SCSA @ WM. HBK had a hectic schedule back then & I thought Vince would’ve lessened the load on the champ but apparently not.

        • jussayin

          how could he when he only got two names that draw?

          • TexansFanatic

            well IF they could persuade Brock to come back full time, they wouldn’t need to rush Punk back. But they also need to give Swagger a MUCH needed push and reign on him. Swagger is TOO talented to let just stay on the outside.

            • jussayin

              they pay brock a sh!tload of money for 20+ sth appeareances a year, they want him full time they either hand over or ruin their company. swagger is talented in ring but can’t talk, and having him paired with dutch doesn’t help either, he’d rather get over as a heyman guy imo.

              but the only way things going to change is when cena break 2 arms and legs or worse and they HAVE to otherwise it’s different day same sh!t.

              and it’s great that they just call up guys from nxt when they got the whole package (character, name, storyline) ready, but as talented as wwe creative is that probably takes much time if it’s going to happen anytime…

            • TexansFanatic

              tell me bout it: they ALMOST wasted Punk!

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