Backstage News On Creative Direction Of TNA, Terrell, Live Attendance

Posted by Matt Boone August 8, 2013 5 Comments

-The general consensus within TNA right now is that the creative direction of the company will not change much following the recent departure of Bruce Prichard. Eric Bischoff is currently in charge of the creative direction of the company, while David Lagana and Matt Conway handle the majority of the actual writing.

-As previously noted, TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell has not been released from the company, she is merely dealing with personal issues which has kept her off of television. Apparently, Terrell is not expected to return anytime in the immediate future. At one point, prior to Terrell taking time off, she was scheduled to defeat Mickie James at Bound For Glory for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Obviously with Terrell temporarily sidelined, those plans have been scrapped.

-The TNA Impact Wrestling live event in Tyler, Texas on August 2nd drew a reported 400 fans. The TNA live event the next night, August 3rd, in Thibodaux, Louisiana, drew a reported 1,200 fans.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • No good hands

      Good to hear. EB still wrecking companies. The Nwo and the Elimanation chamber, your only good ideas. Man oh man, TNA ever since it began has been a bad case of kick the can, starts ok with jarret, gets a bit more fun with Dixie, then EB and hogan make it so boring so bad you forget why you ever even wanted to play in the first place.

      • Mr 561

        His only good ideas? What about Cruiserweights in WCW ?

    • kindred1313

      So they keep her on but gets rid of actual good workers. YEA K

      • Mr 561

        She probably wasn’t making as much as some of the other people let go (RVD, Matt Morgan, D-Lo, DOC, Jesse Sorensen), their knockouts are notoriously underpaid

    • Kage

      Woah – quite a leap from 400 to 1200 people.
      The new TNA creative team sounds pretty good, IMO. Contrary to popular belief, Eric Bischoff did not destroy WCW – it was a combination of numerous factors. The man has had some great ideas during his time in the industry (along with some crap ones… but who hasn’t?). Personally, I’m more concerned about fair pay and medical insurance – rather than some creative changes.
      Still, only time will tell how TNA will fare in the future.

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