Storyline News For Punk, Bryan & AJ, Nash Jokes About Hosting RAW

Posted by Matt Boone June 18, 2012 10 Comments

- Kevin Nash joked with fans that he will be taking over tonight’s RAW now that John Laurinaitis is gone. He wrote:

– CM Punk has had one of the longest WWE title reigns in years, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that WWE is not entirely sold on long term title reign for the Chicago native.

Once again, WWE officials came very close to having CM Punk drop the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan. Sunday’s No Way Out pay-per-view was the second consecutive event that WWE nearly pulled the trigger on the title switch.

While WWE is said to be very pleased with the way Punk has performed as champion (despite his title defenses not main eventing WWE PPVs), the company is also very high on Daniel Bryan and there is a feeling that more money could be made with Punk chasing Bryan for the championship.

The most likely scenario moving forward will be for AJ Lee to turn on CM Punk and help Daniel Bryan finally capture the WWE Championship – breathing new life into the Punk-Bryan feud headed into the summer.

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    • NASH


      • Some Guy

        dafuq did i just read?

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      I like Amazing Red! Hope he gets in alongside Alex Shelly

    • Gambit

      Ok they are saying they are happy with the way CM Punk has performed as champion, but his title defenses are not main events. Heres a thought “STOP PUTTING CENA IN THE MAIN EVENT THEN.”

    • becky

      Aj has got too go now

      • Mary Hope

        See I like the psycho-bich thing, now adding withthe red monster makes this interesting.

    • becky

      Do it now or I will do it myself

    • Tony

      Guys; there could be a huge possibility that if there is a match between CM Punk and Bryan… He may loose it. We will see.

    • Tony

      Sorry… I meant a match between the two tonight on RAW.

    • cain die hard CM Punk fan

      im 18 and i really like D Bryan. move him over to Raw and become WWE Champion. he reminds me of Chris Benoit only Bryan is a great heel. or maybe a fatal 4 way at summerslam between Bryan as champion vs Cena, Y2J and Punk.

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