Backstage News on Dixie Carter’s Recent TNA Talent Meeting

Posted by Matt Boone July 22, 2013 6 Comments

- TNA President Dixie Carter spoke to talents prior to Thursday’s Impact Wrestling tapings about possibly continuing with their budget cuts. Also in attendance were Jeff Jarrett, TNA CFO Dean Broadhead and EVP Andy Barton.

Dixie noted that one of the reasons for the cuts and restructuring were how much money they spent taping all the One Night Only pay-per-views earlier this year. These shows were pre-recorded in place of the eight pay-per-views that TNA cut from their annual schedule, in order to save money.

New Executive Vice President of Television Production John Gaburick received strong praise within the locker room. Talents acknowledged the more positive vibe with Gaburick compared to when recently released executive Bruce Prichard was in that role.


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    • tony

      Yeah, TNA has turned from mediocre shit to total shit

    • Rai

      I still say releasing Tara was one of the stupidest decisions they’ve made. Now they’re down to what 4 knockouts and ODB as ref. Couldn’t they have offered her less pay or less appearances since she’s been away for her restaurant? I’m sure a lucrative contract would have been much more appropriate than just flat out releasing her. How about releasing the Hogans. I’m sure their paychecks would balance out their budget. They probably wouldn’t have had to release anybody if they just let them go. What more cuts could they make? I mean all of their events are in the same fucking building, even their pay-per-views. Move over TNA, you’re no longer number 2, and hello ROH.

      • Not Chris Jericho

        I agree with most of what you said, but I feel the need to correct you in that TNA is now a traveling company. They are no longer in the Impact Zone at Universal, and this is one reason they are bleeding money. The same thing happened to WCW when they left Disney/MGM, and they were eventually in a very good spot. TNA will be fine if they make the right decisions. Releasing the Hogans should be priority 1. #2, cutting Brisco, and Garret Bischoff. Keep Eric though. Without Hogan there, he will actually work and do well for the company.

    • Spencer Elliott

      They’re a company that has leaflets left in b&b’s, Motels and Hotels. Ya’know those stands where you find out local attractions in the lobby…
      If you think of TNA in that context and size, then you have to admire how competative they are and their ambition.

    • Nicholas Williams

      TNA needs to get rid of Hulk Hogan. That would save the company a lot of money. Really since he came in TNA went from the awesome alternative it once was to IMPACT Wrestling. They had a good run but on this path there is only one ending in their future. Dont be the next ECW. (no i didnt mean WCW, to be like WCW they would have had to passed WWE in the ratings and provided them with some real competition)

    • Dammit

      Trim the Fat! (That means the Hogans) Dammit Miz!

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