Backstage News On Eve Torres’ WWE Departure

Following her title loss to Kaitlyn on Monday’s 20th Anniversary RAW and her subsequent “quitting” of WWE during a backstage interview that aired on the WWE mobile app, Eve Torres is in fact leaving the company.

Torres reportedly approached Vince McMahon last month and informed him of her intentions to depart the company. It was decided that she would stick around while they could wrap up her program with Kaitlyn and the decision was made in the past week for their match to take place on the 20th Anniversary of RAW.

Eve is engaged to “MMA royalty” Rener Gracie and will be the new face of the Gracie Academy’s “Women Empowered” self-defense program.

Natalya tweeted the following about Eve Torres leaving WWE:

Eve tweeted the following this morning about her decision to leave WWE and displayed a good sense of humor in what has to be an emotional time for her: