Details On How Heyman/Ryback “Proposal” Angle Came To Be

This past Monday’s edition of WWE RAW featured an angle where Paul Heyman “proposed” to Ryback, leading to an in-ring segment where Heyman ultimately asked Ryback to become a “Paul Heyman guy.”

The idea behind this started at a WWE creative meeting, where Vince McMahon championed a “shock tactic” approach in luring away viewers from Monday Night Football during halftime. McMahon noted that he wanted a “spectacle” to draw NFL viewers over to WWE programming.

After hearing of the idea, one WWE creative writer pitched an angle that would see Heyman basically give the impression that he was falling in love with Ryback after he was “saved” by him when CM Punk was set to finally get his hands on him at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view. The feeling was they would have Heyman play out this storyline in a way that would give the viewing audience the impression he was going to ask for Ryback’s hand in marriage.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]