Backstage News on Jeff Jarrett’s Status, Cost to Tape Impact, More

Posted by Matt Boone March 28, 2013 6 Comments

- The March 22nd TNA live event in Concord, North Carolina drew 800 fans. The March 23rd show in Roanoke Rapids, NC drew 1,300 fans.

– Local wrestlers Hangtime and Dirty Hector worked a tryout match before the March 23rd live event in Roanoke Rapids. Hangtime got the win.

– Spike TV officials are looking at making the network more about scripted entertainment and may be changing their name again. TNA will most likely be safe because they fit the new direction and their ratings are better than other programs on the network.

– The cost for TNA to tape Impact Wrestling on the road is between $600,000 and $700,000. If they do 26 tapings per year, they’re looking at around $17 million in costs.

– There’s no official word on Jeff Jarrett’s TNA status after he didn’t work the special One Night Only tapings that were held last week. Jarrett was written out of the storylines back in 2011 when he was focusing on Ring Ka King but with that no longer around and the planned project for the SPEED channel not getting picked up, he had been looking for other projects. TNA’s Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff decided against bringing Jarrett back after a talent and to show how strong they were on it, they chose not to bring him back for the nostalgia tapings he would have fit into.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Bam Bam

      Thought JJ was gonna be the president of Aces and 8. He mite have been at first but then they mite have changed it to Bully Ray.

      • I-AM-A Good-Booker

        would have been a sweet angle with JJ as president of A and E – along the lines of “taking back the company he founded by force cause dixie and hogan and sting are what’s wrong with wrestling today”

        That would have put asses in seats! Then you have Team Dixie vs Team JJ for “rights to TNA” and have AJ heel turn on Team Dixie etc etc..

        would have advanced storylines far more than the “bully ray surprise” cause.. where do they go from here???

      • Fire and ice

        Nope look at the 1st atping made by the Ace &8 and can u cleary see it’s bully ray before he lost some weight u can tell i knew it was bully all along and nothing denines that

    • taylor

      that sucks Jeff Jarrett is my favourite TNA wrestler along with Daniels

      • Roger

        Really? Even during his “I want to be Triple H Reign of Terror” period?

        • taylor

          Jarrett and Daniels are my favourite in TNA no matter what they’re doing. I also love Rhino but he is in ROH now.

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