Backstage News on John Cena and the WWE Title

Posted by Matt Boone June 23, 2012 25 Comments

As of this weekend, John Cena is not booked for a match at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view on July 15th. A source does not expect Cena to be added to the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match either.

The latest word on Cena’s SummerSlam plans is that he will be going after WWE Champion CM Punk in the co-main event. WWE will reportedly be focusing on Cena-Punk and Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H as the SummerSlam main events this year.

Plans always change this far out but advertising for WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view in September suggest that Cena would not win the WWE Title at SummerSlam. WWE is teasing that Cena will challenge for the WWE Title at Night of Champions, which takes place from his hometown in Boston.

Cena is expected to spend the latter part of 2012 in the WWE Title picture.


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    • Ice

      Cena Vs. Punk again???? let’s hope the plans change.

      • wwe sucks

        me too

      • AreYouSeriousBro

        way better than seeing Bryan vs Punk for the millionth time

        • Fadi Arnouk


        • pg suckzzzz

          i could watch brian punk all day long…… 2 real wrestlers

    • supacena

      cena vs punk is always a top match, biggest thing wwe could do for wwe title match.

    • lewterran

      What is happening with Orton, Why isn’t he in the title hunt any more. I think that is where they need to direct their attention.

      • Unknown

        something called “suspension” hes gone for 60 days one more suspension and he is fired and they want to punish him by pulling him out of the main event status and to the mid-card status and that would give them the opportunity to push more superstars to main event status

    • b-ri

      look we all know what wwe is capable of doing and thats ruining storylines they have a story that could hit a major twist at summerslam all they have to do is keep it fresh push the storyline wwe let a.j show up in punks lockeroom then have her cost him the match that night keep the audience guessing until bryan and punk demand a choice let kane demolish both of e at SS then kane can have one last heel run as champ w a.j by his side ala tori in 1999. Cena can challenge kane for the title since wwe has no other storylines for him unless its the main event and since y2j is coming back as a face you can put y2j against bryan for a great contest

      • TRazor

        It hasn’t even been a year since Cena last faced Kane in a 2-month long rivalry…

        • b-ri

          that was just sarcasm seeing how they cant come up w any ideas for him if anything orton is always a possibility

          • Ice

            I dont know how they got millions of dollars and yet they can’t afford to buy good writers.

    • Deddie Guerrero

      Im Dead

      • GhostDistortion


        • Aliveddie Guerrero

          so am I alive?

          • Necromancer

            Yes I brought you back to life, now get back in that ring.

            • Hulk Hogan

              I was offered to be dead, but I turned it down brother !

    • thedrunkwrestlingfan

      It’s not that the creative team sucks the problem is everthing the writers come up with vince has the last say on what gets to the tv screens. Get vince out of the creative part of things and I bet raw and smackdown would.start having better storylines.the real problem is vince doesn’t trust the younger guys to push them so you get matches like cena/punk for the millionth time and. Lesnar/ hhh which I think that ppv time should go to full time wrestlers instead of vince’s son in law and someone who got his ass kicked in the ufc and decided if he couldn’t be a badass for real he’d go back to being a fake badass

      • Josh

        It’s not Vince. He’s not the problem. I agree he’s a problem when he has a boner when it comes to the big muscular guys, but storyline wise? No! Vince is important in the storyline process. We’ve seen what creative does when Vince doesn’t give his own info. Sorry dude, but you need to rethink that.

        • thedrunkwrestlingfan

          Yeah vince is a genious. It’s not like his big idea to boost ratings was to come back and talk sh-t to bryan,make fun of jr(for the millionth time,which people gave him sh-t calling him an a–hole.and he”s the genious who keeps on saying no to giving the strap back to bryan and having punk turn heel to try and get it back,which would be a more interesting story then this aj BS.but your right he’s not the problem.

      • ScorpionKing

        go drink some more juice boxes and get “drunk”, kid.

    • Tony Schiavone

      Folks this is going to be the greatest article in the history of our sport!

    • cenaisboring

      Ah,who cares?

    • Rhaps

      At least the suggestion is up there that they don’t want Cena on the title. But we already know the outcome of that. >.>

    • Samuel Peter Debbarma

      randy i miss u yaar vre r ,, u ?

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