Backstage News on Kharma’s Return, Heat on Orton Over Twitter Comments, Truth & Kofi

Posted by Matt Boone June 25, 2012 13 Comments

- To hype tonight’s RAW Supershow, WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the Glenbrook Dodge in Fort Wayne, Indiana this afternoon from 11am until 12 noon.

– WWE officials are reportedly upset with Randy Orton over recent Twitter comments. Earlier this month, we noted that Orton was asked by a fan on Twitter if he would be returning as a heel because of his suspension. Orton replied, “we can only pray.”

Another fan asked Orton why he was suspended. Orton replied:

“When I’m able to tell you, I will. Until then, don’t believe everything you read!”

Despite the heat on Orton, sources report that he will still be pushed upon returning because of WWE’s roster issues.

– Kharma has been training for her return to action and word is that she’s ready but WWE officials aren’t sure about how to bring her in. They want to bring her in as a babyface. Officials also want to do a feud with Beth Phoenix but want to build to the match over time and not rush into it.


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    • GhostDistortion

      Awesome Kong should not be a face. A blind man in the dark could tell she is a monster heel. Plain and simple. If they want to bring her back then let her come back and squash the Divas. Then they can bring in some “real” female wrestlers and have her wrestle them. Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa come to mind.

      • tosser

        shut up mark

        • GhostDistortion

          We’re all marks dummy. If we weren’t then we wouldn’t watch wrestling.

        • No Kneepads 4 Me

          @tosser It looks like you have no idea what a mark is.

      • Ice

        Mark Henry & Awesome Kong would be one scary heel kayfabe couple

      • Tony

        I think it might be tough to bring her back as a heel because of the way she left in regards of her crying and being honest with the reason she was leaving to have her baby.

    • b-ri

      it doesnt matter how shes brought in because the fans will cheer for her regardless they have been waiting to see these no talent divas get destroyed i say bring her in during money in the bank she destroys layla after becoming her mystery opponent she gets her rematch on raw layla loses this sets up karma vs phoniex at summerslam god wwe dont you people know anything layla is boring and 1 dimensional as it is she has no build up to be a person we can cheer for she has heel music shes really irrelevant

    • 40 dawg

      beth phoenix can’t pull off being a face so bringing kahrma(kong) in as the face and phoenix being the heel is a good move. Think of kahrma in the role big show was in as the lovable,happy go lucky giant.thatns what kahrma will probably be. And of course the wwe is gonna continue to push orton. Vince has no faith in his younger wrestlers to push them,and if wwe didn’t push orton he’d probably throw a fit like back in the day.and vince wouldn’t fire orton cuz he’s afraid he’d go to tna and make tna an actual threat.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      The Diva division needs a good shakeup because it’s so lame. I hope Kharma’s the answer. I prefer to see her as a heel. But Beth’s a good heel, also. Why not have a heel vs heel match? I love looking at the eye candy divas, but I think it’s time for some “tough customer” old school type divas like the Fabulous Moohla was. At least they could wrestle. Plus, with the 3 minutes a week the WWE gives the Divas, it’s hard to tell a story.

    • Papa G

      Kharma vs Phoenix would be epic. Screw Orton, the guy is such a douche bag.

    • wwerules

      @b-ri explain to me wat “heel” music is? michelle had that music when she was a face

    • Broski

      WWE officials just hates Orton. Orton didn’t say anything wrong!!!

    • Kage

      Kharma should just eat all the other Divas, bring back the Women’s Title, and hold it for 30 years – ala Moolah.

      No need to thank me, WWE writers.

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