Backstage News on Mark Henry and Christian Returning

Posted by Matt Boone December 26, 2012 2 Comments

- Mark Henry’s WWE status is described as a touch-and-go situation. Henry was supposed to be back a while ago but he is still having shoulder injuries. There have been rumblings of Henry not returning but most expect him to be back before WrestleMania.

Christian is still scheduled for a return before mid-January, in time for the Royal Rumble. They still haven’t decided if he will be returning as a babyface or a heel yet.

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    • Ben Dover

      He should be the biggest heel ever!!! Or if edge is available… Hav Christian win the RR as number 28 or 30 and start this thing as him trying to copy edge. But I like the biggest heel ever thing better. Make him The new rated r superstar

      • hmw


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