Backstage News on Mysterio’s Return, Guerrero Makes FCW Divas Title History, More

Posted by Matt Boone June 25, 2012 11 Comments

- Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal will be appearing at the FCW live event on July 6th from the Lake County Fairgrounds in Eustis, Florida. Doors open at 6pm.

– Rey Mysterio’s 60 day suspension ends today and he is eligible to return to action. Word this weekend was that Rey won’t be returning until next week’s TV tapings but he will indeed be pushed upon returning.

– FCW Diva Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) has officially become the longest-reigning FCW Divas Champion in history. This weekend she passed the record of 189 days, held by current WWE Diva Naomi, who now dances with Brodus Clay.

Diaz defeated Audrey Maria for the FCW Divas Title back in December of 2011. Diaz, who worked this weekend’s WWE SmackDown events as ring announcer, wrote the following on Twitter:

“Longest reigning FCW Divas Champion today! Think that’s making history?! Wait till you see what I do next;) #LoveIr”


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    • GhostDistortion

      Well if WWE takes the longest reigning FCW womens champion and turns her into a dancer then I can’t wait to see what they do with Raquel Diaz. Maybe she’ll be John Laurinatis’ personal foot massager or perhaps she could play the role of a love triangle with her mother and Dolph Ziggler..yeah that’s it. That wouldn’t be stupid at all.

      • xpac>2pac

        how lame can you be?? mark

        • GhostDistortion

          Dude, for real I know you’re trollin and all but what is your problem bro? Oh, and for the record I’m totally not homophobic at all chief. You calling me gay doesn’t bug me. You never post anything worth while, you just comment that I’m gay over and over. How lame can you be?

    • Raven

      When is the last time we saw Misterio on TV?

    • undertaker316

      REY MYSTERIO IS AWESOME glad he is going to be getting a push hope fully he becomes whc or wwe champion

      • Roger A. Picard

        I didnt read anything on him about being suspended, and will be glad when he returns. He’s a fighter.

    • b-ri

      o poor rey an aging luchadore in this day and company must be difficult i mean they are trying to push their new cash cow sin cara and even he isnt interesting anymore he does the same moves every night now so imagine what rey will be doing probably his small selection of moves smh they just dont let luchadores fly anymore cuz according to vince they arent interesting

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      No offense Raquel (Shaul Guerrero), but when it comes to the developmental stage only several divas hold the title for less, because they are going to the WWE roster. You hold the title for that long means that you suck in the ring. Good at shooting promos…but suck.

    • 40#awg

      Mysterio will probably be pushed for a couple weeks but when he asks for another raise(as he’s done numerous times befor) vince will start having him job for sin cara.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Please say it ain’t so. Mysterio’s suspension is over. No, no, no!!!!! It’s been so nice not seeing his same old worn out “David vs Goliath” storyline. The 619 is the worst finishing move in wrestling history. It reeks of stupidity. Btw, Rey’s popularity is with the 10 year olds & under. I wish Rey would take off his mask & turn heel. It might actually make an ounce of interesting.

    • Ice

      I’ll Quit Watching WWE If They Get Sin Cara To Jobb To Rey Mysterio

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