Backstage News on Possible Plans for Booker T, Is Nikki Bella Injured?

Posted by Matt Boone July 1, 2013 10 Comments

- It’s been speculated that Nikki Bella is injured after she missed weekend WWE live events and was photographed in a wheelchair with boyfriend John Cena last week. Nikki posted a photo of herself working out at the gym on Sunday, with the caption, “No wishing for it… Gotta work for it. #sweaton”

Nikki Bella at Gym

– Booker T should be returning to WWE TV soon after having elbow surgery. WWE creative recently discussed his return and they may pick back up on the Booker vs. Teddy Long storyline that was brewing.

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    • Guest84262849562(

      15 Internet Dollars to anyone that can remember and explain the storyline between Teddy and Booker. And an additional 200 Internet Dollars to whoever can, sincerely and with all honesty, say they give a crap about the storyline between Teddy and Booker.

      • Derp.

        I give a crap about the storyline between Teddy and Booker. Teddy was GM for a long time and when they put Booker in that position instead of on commentary I was a little butthurt because I thought Teddy did the job way better and Booker was great on commentary. When they put the two together in a storyline I thought it was a great way to transition the old gm to the new gm by still showing Teddy in backstage segments so as to not just write him off and kick him to the curb. They kept him relevant to the show still.

        • Guest47363485854746363

          How can anyone think Teddy Long is good at anything other than wearing ill-fitting suits and having a head that looks like a peanut? You could prop a broom on the stage and hang a sign around it that says ‘Make Tag Match’ and it would be a better GM than Teddy Long. I just don’t see why, after however many years of Teddy Long throw assorted superstars into random tag matches, you can think that Teddy Long is a good GM. Also, don’t watch Smackdown.

          • PimpDaddy2099

            I think in all fairness, you should AT LEAST look back at all the positive things Teddy did as GM of Smackdown (besides being obsessed with making tag team matches)

            – He did try to teach Hornswoggle how to talk

            – He did his best at trying to get with Aksana

            – He always cowered in fear everytime he was face-to-face w/ Mark Henry

            – He did slap (and repeatedly pushed) John Laurinaitis

            -And then he……..then he…..

            ???!!!!!!…………Come to think of it , he didn’t do anything positive. The few things he did was come out dressed as a poor man’s Steve Harvey and repeatedly yelled out “Holla Holla Holla” & “Playa” – WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT!!!!!! HE SUCKED.

    • probb

      well before you start running your mouth why dont you wait to see were it goes before you decide whether or not you give a shit about and for the record teddy had been making underhanded decisions behind bookers back he’ll likely have a problem with his money in the bank choices….oh and i’ll have those internet dollars now

      • Ice

        Terrible idea, nice job liking yourself loser.

      • Guest5677965427775322336799975

        I bet you were devastated when Saturday Morning Slam got cancelled.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      GUYS GUYS GUYS! Stop arguing! You guys are missing the point…Nikki Bella is in a wheelchair because she got bootyf***ed by Cena all this weekend. lol

    • joker77

      wow I wanna lick all he Sweaty spots up! mmmmmm those tits are beautifull!

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Who gives a flying shit about Booker or Teddy?
      They both still use ghetto slang that expired 20 years ago.

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