Backstage News on Punk’s Status, Triple H at RAW, John Cena

Posted by Matt Boone May 6, 2013 9 Comments

- John Cena tweeted about tonight’s RAW:

“It’s Monday! @WWE @twitter @twitter_es @YouTube ill see you guys 2nite on #Raw not 100% but feeling GR8! #RTimeIsNow”

– Triple H was asked on Twitter if he would be on hand for RAW tonight in Roanoke. He replied, “Yes, on my way now.”

– As reported earlier, CM Punk was added to several listings throughout the summer for upcoming WWE events and then removed. According to a report by PWInsider, Punk was never supposed to be advertised in the first place.

Punk’s name was added in error, partially because he was originally slated for those dates before he injured his knees in his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.

As of this writing, there is no timetable set for Punk’s return to WWE television and many believe that Punk might not return until late summer, at the earliest. As far as WWE and CM Punk goes, there is believed to be very little communication between both parties since the angle where he walked out. There has been no discussion about his return storyline either.

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    • Attitude era

      This sucks, as a face or a heel cm punk is one of the most entertaining and best wrestler in the wwe right now… Now we get to see the cena era again with the title and I’m sure all the little kids are happy again :/

      • jussayin

        actually for me, and i guess for a lot of other guys, punk was the main reason to watch raw in the last 6 month, or even longer. just think of the reaction he got after wrestlemania on raw when he wasn’t even there but got one of the loudest pops of the night just because of name-dropping him…

        • morrisonfanone

          They should’ve had him on the Raw after Mania. He put on a great match, and he got no credit for that at all.

    • wwecenation

      i am curious to know why alot of people hate john cena? i dont see anything wrong?

      • Harms_Way

        Its cuz cena is so boring now. he does the same thing every week and he always seems to get title shot after title shot. he took a money in the bank briefcase that someone else could have used and lost. he won a rumble which someone else like a mid card person should have won to elevate their status and we all knew he’d take the title from the rock. hes just boring and loves to hog the spotlight for himself.

        • morrisonfanone

          He doesn’t always get the title shot. He gave up that one title shot to Ryback.

      • morrisonfanone

        He’s had the same gimmick for a long time now, and people are getting fed up with it. I don’t see anything wrong with him, either.

    • Ace Boogie

      Cena is a Pussy

    • Sheila Belue

      All the Cena haters hate him because they have to hate someone. They need to give John a breark and hate someone else for a while. John Cena has fought and worked hard to be where he is now , all the haters talk about how he shouldn’t get title shot after title shot. How many times did Dolph Ziggler get title shot after title shot for the IC belt , I can’t even count them all because there was so many. I don’t remember anyone hating on him because of it. John cena hasn’t held the wwe title belt in a long time , he has fought hard and has earned the right to hold it again. So to wwecenation there is nothing wrong with John cena , just the Cena haters.

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