Backstage News on the Controversial Lawler Angle from RAW

Posted by Matt Boone November 15, 2012 2 Comments

- The controversial Jerry Lawler angle from Monday’s RAW where Paul Heyman and CM Punk mocked his heart attack was actually booked several weeks ago and approved by all parties that were in the ring – Lawler, Punk, Heyman and Mick Foley.

One WWE source said the whole angle was a perfect example of “how Vince McMahon thinks.” Very few people inside and out of the company were shocked that WWE did the angle because of how Vince is and because WWE has done much worse in the past.

There were very few wrestlers in WWE who were upset with the angle. The majority of the heat within WWE came from WWE’s decision to air the video that had audio of Lawler snoring as he had the heart attack and footage of Lawler backstage as doctors tried to bring him back to life.


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    • Vince McMahon

      Spoilers:CM Punk will stab Cena with a knife.Kane will chew Heymans leg off.Daniel Bryan wil hump a goat in the middle of the ring.AJ Lee will reveal that she’s a dude.The Rock will come back to give me a lap dance. How do you like me now you filthy dumb slaves?

      • Derp.

        I bet you’re pretty proud of yourself for that one. I bet you practiced it in your head a million times to get it just right so people would actually think you were cool, if for only a couple of minutes.

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