Backstage News on The Rock Winning the WWE Title

Posted by Matt Boone November 9, 2012 22 Comments

- WWE officials are faced with two issues right now as far as The Rock winning the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble goes.

One is that The Rock winning the WWE Title will mean there are no WWE Title defenses at any live events for a three-month period.

They will also have to work out with The Rock whether or not he will be available for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and whether they want him to work that event. Those details may have already been worked out as it was a topic largely talked about among some of the WWE talents this past week.

It’s coming down to the wire in terms of needing to have a set plan and commitments to dates considering the hectic movie promotion schedule Rock has in early 2013.

With the challenges they are facing, it’s said that nothing has changed – the plan is still for The Rock to win the WWE Title at Royal Rumble, from CM Punk, and main event at WrestleMania 29, possibly against John Cena.


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    • Sofa

      cena, the 11 times wwe champ…thats exactly what we want and need…

    • unknown guy

      Nooooo leave CM punk champ are anybody else , not the rock or cena
      If one of them wins they will kill wrestling , I’m tired of seeing cena champ
      Its like wwe can’t make any more champion and they have allot of poeple over
      There that can be champion , that’s why there ratings is going 2 the crapper

    • some guy

      just give it to ryback already

      • Bird 2.0

        I agree, or have a Rock/Lesnar match at WM 29 with Lesnar winning

    • Owen Hart

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    • Jerry Lawler

      Heart attacks are fun

      • Randy Savage

        So is crashing into a tree

        • Chris Benoit

          Don’t forget about killing your family

          • Good Ol’ J.R.


    • Goku

      We got to stop John Cena from becoming WWE Champion or the Earth will be destroyed

      • Triple H

        I will bury him

        • SSJ Vegeta

          No I will destroy him with my BIG BANG ATTACK!!!

    • Frieza

      Where is Hogan!? He owes me money for the Sayian Weed he stole!

      • Vegeta

        You stole that weed from my father and you let that douche bag smoke it all!
        GALACK GUN!!!

    • Father Edward

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      • Vince McMahon

        You know what? I LIKE this character. I’m going to make you a big star, headlining Wrestlemania. Can’t you just imagine it? The crowd chanting for you, “Edward! Edward! Edward!”. The t-shirts with TEAM EDWARD printed across the front…

    • KKK

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    • sucka

      have rock win the title and then face taker at wrestlemania 30 and have taker win the title and retire.
      I wish undertakers body was in better shape but it’s not and he should consider retiring soon

    • TexansFanatic

      DON’T let Rock win if he can’t comply with the schedule. I know he brings in cash but that won’t be fair to the guys who are on the road 300 days a year. And I also mean to mention DON’T give it back to Cena. He’s going to be the new Ric Flair watch! The guy is a nice guy but TALENT has to mean something nowadays, right?

    • AJ

      U know what i like marks i like when cena n ziggler DP my sweet lil unstable azz period

    • Big Dick Davey

      Why not just have Bobby Lashley Win the title or Brock Lesner… two guys who wont turn their back on the WWE…maybe..

    • Scott Campbell


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