Backstage News on The Rock’s Status, Preview for Hero, Mysterio

Posted by Matt Boone February 16, 2013 6 Comments

- The Rock hyped The Hero via Twitter:

“America will vote.. #TheHero As host/producer Im excited to bring you this show! Check it out…”

– According to Rey Mysterio’s Twitter, he’s on vacation in Hawaii this weekend. Rey is expected to work this week’s WWE TV tapings.

– WWE Champion The Rock has committed to working next year’s WrestleMania 30 event. Rock’s current run is expected to end in April as he will be heading off to Hungary and Croatia to film Hercules.

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    • raidmar

      face it people, if rock really gave a damn about HIS PEOPLE he would have never left in the first place, all them years ago, let alone keep coming back for these sporadic spurts and make you think he’s going to stick around when in reality ‘poof’ he’s gone one week, two weeks, a month later. him and Chris Jericho riding that same spurt train but you sure don’t see Chris Jericho getting the same respect as rock from Vince, and Jericho was in the same class as rock some thirteen years ago along with angle and Austin. all rock is good for anymore his flapping his jaws and making stick jokes. MAN!!!!!! I’m so tired of telling the truth

      • wwetnadudez

        Can’t really agree with you, Jericho is more like fully WWE with spurts of Fozzy and other projects, thus he is respected like other veterans in WWE. Rocky like you said just has spurts, but with those spurts he brings in more ratings and publicity which isn’t exactly what Jericho does when he returns.

    • Rooter

      Seriously, you people need to stop bitching about what the rock does. He did his time and now hes doing other things. He does not need to work wwe 24/7. Just likeball 5he other half @$$ talent on the roster. Raidmar stop trying to sound like u know what ur talking about cuz u sound like a dumb f**k. What im saying is my OPINION. not fact like whT ur spoutin off about.

      • raidmar

        truth supports facts and vice versa. what are you 10.

      • raidmar

        and please don’t insult my wrestling knowledge. you would be surprised how long i’ve been following professional wrestling

    • jamie

      rey i hope you feel better and wrestle for a couple more years!!!

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