Backstage News on Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, Guerrero Pulls Out of Indy Appearance

Posted by Matt Boone June 11, 2012 11 Comments

- Chavo Guerrero says he will not be appearing at In The Biz Pro Wrestling’s show this coming Saturday at the Shenandoah Harley-Davidson festival in Shenandoah, Virginia. Guerrero was scheduled to face TNA star Zema Ion. Chavo wrote:

“I will NOT be wrestling this Sat June 16 in Virginia for In The Pro Wrestling, due to the promotor being very inexperienced & not knowing… How to run a show & take care of his wrestlers. Sorry to anyone who has purchased tickets. I’m hope he will offer refunds”

– Vince McMahon was reportedly so furious following Brock Lesnar recently attending the UFC 146 pay-per-view that Triple H had to talk him out of doing something drastic. Word is that Triple H wants the SummerSlam match against Lesnar bad, leading people to believe that Triple H will be going over.

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    • -_-

      Well of course he wants the match so bad he knows he’s gonna win it smh. You really think their going to allow Brock to win giving his Diva like attitude lately? and Triple H has the say: “This is MY company meaning if the script says im going to lose then im going to have it changed so i can win like i’ve been doing for the majority of my career. No man is bigger than the WWE but ME”

      • Booker T

        You sound so wrong…..Brock made a very selfish choice….hell he didnt even inform Vince and from what i read on the site the meeting with white went bad.Plus, Edge said it best, he doesnt give a damn about this company, he just wants to make money. Arrogant,two-faced and selfish….say what you want about HHH,but at least he gives a damn about the industry.

        • xpac

          agreed. HHH cares so much about the industry, he eats, drinks and sleeps with it every night!

          see what i did there?

          • jeremy

            yea i liked that lol

        • SMH

          How is that wrong? even if Brock acted mature about everything he was still gonna lose to Triple H and of course he gives a damn about the industry, Edge played an ultimate opportunist but Triple H is 1. He knew what he was doing when he married Stephanie, marrying her meant marrying the business. Vince passes his very own son Shane for power in favor for a wrestler who isn’t even blood. Triple H wants POWER/MONEY YOU TRIPLE DICK RIDERS ARE OBVIOUSLY TO BLIND TO SEE THAT.

    • Bravo Guerrero

      a) is chavo still alive?
      b) so he means they booked him to lose to Zema and only offered him $30 and no catering?

      call it quits chavo or play in AAA.

    • xpac

      HHH needs to win… he already jobbed to Taker. Brock is probably acting out cause he just saw the finish and already jobbed to Cena and now has to to HHH.

      Either that – or this whole thing is a HUGE work. Look at the cross-over media coverage Brocks appearence got for WWE in the UFC market. I bet some die hard UFC fans must have tuned in for Brock’s apprearences in WWE and the PPV against Cena!

      Vince is a smart business man…. he knows what he’s doing. They even booked Lesnar like an MMA fighter not a wrestler and the match included blood. So if that was a test bed for a more Shoot style of WWE matches (also seen in more superstars using submissions as finishers now).. WAY TO GO VINCE.

      Meanwhile in TNA we have the old Pro Wrasslin formula and soap storyline (AJ and Dixie) and lame matches with Garret Bitchoff. Angle, Kaz and Daniels saved that PPV. That and Roode being booked to win against wanna be HOF’er Sting.

      • Jacob.galliher

        I’m not sure if you watched, but TNA used that old “pro rasslin formula” and put on the second best pay per view of the year. Over the last three months TNA’s product has improved where WWE’s has remained the same that it’s always been for years and due to lack of star power has actually gotten worse.

        • tosser

          shut up, mark

        • Peter

          Delivering a good PPV is one thing, even though I believe that there’s only like 2-3 good matches on that shows and that Christian’s appearance had people’s hopes too high, delivering a good weekly show is another.

          There’s so many thing wrong with Impact and its nothing more than WWE 2.0, except more edgy and violet, sometimes unecessarily edgy and violent. And for God’s sake, a guy who was a referee a year ago is involved in high profile matches and main events.

          WWE is alright, they know what they’re doing and since TNA can’t offer competition, they have no reason to be better.

    • cee

      HHH: Don’t worry Pop I’ll squash him.

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