Backstage News on Vickie’s RAW Segment, Rock-Hercules Photo, Total Divas

Posted by Matt Boone July 8, 2013 10 Comments

- The Rock tweeted another teaser photo from the set of Hercules this weekend:

“Our HERCULES set created by award winning designer Jean-Vincent Puzos w/ great detail. I sit in awe.. #ThracianWars”

The Rock in Hercules

– As noted over the weekend, the USA Network will replay the premiere of Total Divas the day after it originally airs on E!. The episode will air that Monday night, July 29th, right after RAW goes off the air. For those wondering, this is the only episode of Total Divas currently scheduled to air on the USA Network. All other episodes will air exclusively on the E! network.

– reports that tonight’s in-ring job evaluation for Vickie Guerrero is set to be a play on TNA’s Gut Check segments. The idea is that Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H will be in the ring with Vickie and all three will be voting on her future with the company.

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    • Bam Bam

      WWE copying TNA well that is a total 180 but of course WWE is trying to make fun of the gut check stuff so that kinda even it out.

      • The A-Team

        well at lease WWE does better than TNA….

    • Beer Money Jobber

      C’mon WWE Creative, get creative!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kathy taylor

      I hope they fire her ass no one likes her cant they get the hint by all the boo’s she gets when she comes out and starts to talk never did like her please vince , hhh and Stephanie GET RID OF HER

      • Bam Bam

        I agree she wouldn’t be so bad if her character wasn’t so annoying with all this Excuse me stuff and high pitch scream I gotta mute my tv sometimes when she comes out.

      • theseizurecomic

        You do realize that’s the point, right? The more boos she gets, the better it is for her character. Vickie ain’t going nowhere. #liljimmy

        • Beer Money Jobber

          Exactly, who’s gotten more heat than Vickie over the years just by saying 2 words?
          Vickie will be back in some capacity in the near future. She’s to valuable an asset not to be utilized.

          • Pinmepayme

            The only problem is that when she screeches “EXCUSE ME!” my dog starts howling!

    • Darth

      I first thought that was Roman Reigns in that photo.

      • primigenia

        well they are related the rock is reigns cousin

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