Backstage News on Why WWE Is Turning The Miz Babyface

Posted by Matt Boone November 14, 2012 7 Comments

- As you could probably tell by WWE TV lately, there has been a lot of internal talk about turning The Miz babyface. The feeling is that he is one of their best talkers and does a great job representing WWE with promotional and charity work. There is also the strong feeling that The Miz has done everything he can do as a heel.

They are hoping that putting him in a new WWE Studios movie for the Holidays will help with a babyface turn. They are looking for the best way to bring Miz to the next level and the feeling is that the best way to do that is turn him and do it in an organic way. Miz turning babyface isn’t being planned to be a short-term angle and the turn itself will reportedly take time, if WWE has it their way.

The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro has been discussed as a top feud for early 2013.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • Ace

      The Miz has been WWE champion but hasn’t been WHC.But this will be interesting.Maybe finally people will chant “Miz is awesome”

      • Sofa

        actually people chant quite often miz is awesome…even tho its a small part of the audience

    • Christopher Braddy

      Last Monday, when they had the “tweet for who you want to see on Team Foley” – WWEZack was trending but WWEMiz was not, yet, somehow WWEMiz supposedly “won” – I find this sad, I mean, you know they’re taking feuds and extending part of wrestlers’ gimmicks to twitter, but a fan poll should be a fan poll and the results should not be faked like that, it takes away the credibility of the twitter polls to begin with. If they wanted to place the Miz in that spot, they should have went another way about it other than lying to fans, saying he won a poll that no one voted for him in. Lame.

      • shane-o-mac

        I was screaming the same thing. I was like ryder is the king of social media and fans love the dude, but miz won the poll? It was fixed. That’s bullsh-t. And I don’t know about miz turning face, I think he’s a natural heel. Seeing fans ( hopefully ) cheering him will be awkward.

    • Big F’kn Dong Douglas

      Reality TV goof…Miz sucks…why not bring in some talent… same old crap…maybe David Arqutte will face Rock

    • Bird 2.0

      Personally, I like this idea, if they’re gonna turn Orton heel, nows the time

    • Kage

      Meh, can’t hurt to try, I ‘spose.

      But I have a feeling the Miz is better suited as a heel. He has that snivelling face and ‘Hollywood’ aura that he exerts.

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