Backstage News Why Edge Was Really At RAW

WWE Hall of Famer Edge made a surprise appearance on Monday’s RAW Supershow from Detoit, giving John Cena a pep talk about what its going to take to defeat Brock Lesnar this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

It turns out that Edge was at RAW to do more than just motivate Cena. Edge was at RAW to negotiate a new “Legends” contract, according to

News broke recently that Edge’s WWE contract is expiring soon – and WWE reportedly tried offering Edge a “lowball” deal. While the exact figure that WWE offered Edge is not yet known, it’s believed that Shawn Michaels makes around $300,000 a year from WWE under his current deal. It’s said that the contract WWE offered recently Edge wasn’t even offered close to what Michaels makes.

No word yet on how Monday night’s contract negotiations went.