Backstage News on Ziggler Cashing In, The Rock Wraps Movie, Phoenix

Posted by Matt Boone November 26, 2012 3 Comments

- The Rock noted on Twitter that filming for Fast 6 in London has finally wrapped. He posted the following:

“THANK YOU to our UK #Fast6 film crew – long hours, dedicated work & dirty jokes. #ItsAWrap #TeamBringItUK”

“On jet leavin’ London.. months of shooting #Fast6 & intense training/dieting/mat work for my @WWE Championship match. #TBI #PushThePace”

– Former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix says she’s ready for the next big thing. She tweeted:

“I loved my career, but life is bigger than work. I am enjoying living very much and ready for the next big thing”

– One of the reasons Dolph Ziggler hasn’t cashed in his Money in the Bank contract yet is because his feud with John Cena was pushed back from original plans, until now, and there’s a feeling that Ziggler needed to feud with Cena first before having a run with the World Heavyweight Title.

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    • shane-o-mac

      I didn’t know there was a rule in wwe that you had to feud with cena before you got a championship push, stupid. Just hope cena doesn’t kill zigglers push like he did zack ryder’s.

      • theseizurecomic

        Cena is the ultimate “sink or swim” is common knowledge that he has no problem putting over a young talent, but when given the opportunity, you have to actually prove that you belong. As much as I enjoy Ryder, he wasn’t ready for the push he got.
        Also take into account that While Ziggler paid his dues the way a wrestler normally does, Ryder circumvented all of that by appealing directly to the fans to gain his momentum. I’m sure there were more than a few established superstars in the lockerroom who weren’t too pleased with that, and could possibly have campaigned to get Ryder buried. but Ziggler is high on everyone’s lists, and all of the top faces want to work a program with him. including Cena.

        • shane-o-mac

          My rebuttal is 1- ziggler already proved himself, he doesn’t need to wrestle cena to prove anything. And look what good it did him,he lost to cena on raw (not surprised). And 2-vince once said he listened to fans. And whenever ryder makes an appearance the crowd goes f’n nuts for him. And he’s the second biggest cash cow for wwe merch wise. So why doesn’t he have a ic or us title push? And 3rd- since when has vince ever listened to the wrestlers anyway? That shouldn’t matter if wrestlers where aggravated with ryder.and who has paid more dues, ryback or ryder? And I tried your advice but gravatar only gave me an avatar for my email. I guess it has something to do about not being on twitter? Or maybe I just messed it up. I don’t know. Anyway dude ruined the name anyway so his theiving ass can have it.

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