Backstage News on Ziggler Possibly Turning Babyface

Posted by Matt Boone January 17, 2013 14 Comments

There has been a lot of internal talk about Dolph Ziggler’s future lately.

As noted, officials have discussed breaking Big E Langston away from Ziggler and AJ Lee but it sounds like he might stay with AJ. They are discussing this not because of a possible Langston face turn but because of a Ziggler babyface turn.

Vince McMahon has been changing his mind back and forth on Ziggler as a babyface but it’s more when and not if. A lot of people in the company feel that Ziggler will take off huge as a babyface when the call is made. The fact that Ziggler is already popular in the New York market is said to be influencing Vince’s decision.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Stephen Findall

      Del Rio has a turns face , Miz turns face and now it’s likely Ziggler could turn Face………
      So who does WWE have as a top Heel again….oh Big Show … awsome

      • Josh

        WWE’s top heel? That would be CM Punk.

        • Edge

          And how long he will be? The point of all of theese face/heel turns is to keep things interesting so the people would buy what Vince is selling.And as for Punk he is great heel but don’t be surprised to see him turning face again this year.

    • theseizurecomic

      I know this isn’t about Daniel bryan but….
      NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    • Gezim

      Randy Orton

    • Sheila Belue

      The faces are turning heel and the heels are turning face , who’s next.

    • Rhaps

      If someone is doing well in a certain type of market, turn them face. Fans, especially kids, always buy the faces merchandise. If Orton is going heel again, then we got ourselves another Monster Orton Heel again. Besides, everyone should stop complaining until we see how this holds out. If it looks bad then you can go back to complaining. Until then, eat the food that is presented and enjoy it.

      • Rooter

        Beautifully said Rhaps. Just wait and see what happens. There’s always a lot of heel/face turns during Wrestlemania season so let’s just enjoy the ride. That’s why I don’t like reading the comments anymore. They’re always full of whiny internet fans who think they know EVERYTHING! Just sit down and shut up.

        • Rhaps

          It’s because “fans” today think they are entitled to whatever they want. If they don’t receive what they desire they lash out and call hate on the product. Besides, Heels turning to Face is not a bad thing at all however, just like Triple H likes to truly avoid, we’re going to have some matches that include Face vs Face.. Oh well, let’s not predict that just yet we still have some mid-card heels that can be top heels soon any way.

    • EnvyX

      Turn Kofi heel. Give him a Major push for the WHC against a face Dolph.

    • Nicholas Williams

      They should turn John Cena heel for the Raw brand and also Christian for Smackdown.

    • LittleJimmy

      How many baby faces? Just now Alberto turned baby face. Miz is a baby face. If Dolph becomes baby face, who turn heel? Bring back Batista as heel and turn Randy back to his best “Theheel”

      • Edge

        You can forget about Batista cause he’s in a different game now.But speaking of Orton turning heel it will happen soon.I just hope they bring back his “The Legacy” type heel persona.He was good as a heel when he was beating Cena.

    • King James

      I believe Ziggler is an excellent heel. And if he can make a good transition to babyface while keeping the attitude he has as a heel, then I say go for it. Just don’t make him the “All American Nice Guy” type babyface. That concept is overdone and does not fit Ziggler at all.

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