Backstage News On More Potential WWE Firings, Production Cutbacks & More

Posted by Matt Boone June 27, 2014 2 Comments

WWE has been continuing to find ways to make as many budget cuts as possible due to enormous losses expected as part of the WWE Network upstart costs.

Outside of talent and executive cuts that we have reported in the past few weeks, WWE has done away with unnecessary things such as Fandango’s entrance stuff and Bad News Barrett’s giant podium.

It is believed that WWE will continue to make budget cuts wherever they can manage to, including more potential talent cuts and other production cutbacks.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)\

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    • Joseph James

      Someone did say WWE Network would ruin the company, whoever said that statement deserves a gold medal

    • Logan Davis

      Speculation with no backup. About how all of these sites have become. Anybody can report this “insider” info. Now as far as blaming the WWE Network, no one is giving it a chance and it hasn’t even gone global yet. Can you imagine those numbers. I do not understand why all investors were expecting an INSTANT result. Does not work that way. Look at how long Netflix and Hulu took to be up and running and have good numbers. I will be laughing when the network finally takes off to the numbers that the investors seemingly think are impossible.

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