Backstage News Regarding WWE Giving Up On The Adam Rose Character

Posted by Matt Boone August 24, 2014 11 Comments

In a sign that WWE has given up on Adam Rose, he hasn’t worked a match on RAW since July 28th. Prior to that, his last match on RAW was on June 16th. In fact, Rose only had two matches on RAW in all of June.

Rose did win a match on the August 14th edition of Superstars, however for the most part he has been working dark matches. Additionally, he has been losing several matches on NXT television of late as well.

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    • goober

      this makes me happy

      • goober

        Checking out the men in the bathroom makes me happy too!!!

        • goober

          How do I get rid of AIDS?

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        Yeah this is awesome! Let’s give up on someone whos actually different and interesting and get ready to stuff cookie cutter stereotypical boring”badass” Roman reigns down our throats. I’m tired of wwe not knowing what makes a superstar in 2014

        • Guest

          Yeah because Adam Rose was good…..said no one ever.

    • CM PUNK

      Oh no WWE pls dont. he was the most interesting character since funaki

      • Guest

        Who was a jobber who became a backstage interviewer.

    • Marc Broner

      The EC3 character, is one, of the worst yet, and not because he’s a heel, it’s because he’s been mostly made out, to be unbeatable. He was nothing, in his previous promotion, and should not be made into such a turn-around. The reason TNA is in such bad shape, are the story-lines, and especially Dixie Carter’s heel character, obviously copying as well. I am happy to see Lashley as champion. I’d like to see Gunner with a belt. TNA moving to Wednesday night, might not be the greatest move, because that night, is already pretty crowded already. As for Smackdown moving to Thursday, that might not be the greatest idea, for the same reason.

    • Kenny Wood

      He is vary good in the ring but this Adam Rose this is just distracting. Now maybe WWE will let him just be himself and let his skills do the talking instead of the fucking rosebuds.

      • Guest

        You clearly have never seen an Adam Rose promo if you think his entourage does it for him.

        • Kenny Wood

          Oh no, he’s good on the mike too. That is why I am glad they’re dumping the rosebuds and hopefully letting him go it alone and show the front office and the fans what he can really do

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