Backstage News On Rey Mysterio’s Contract Expiring, Will WWE Re-Sign Him?

Rey Mysterio’s contract is the next major deal to expire in WWE. His deal is reportedly up in approximately two months. While he is one of the talents in the company with one of the largest downside guarantees, he is also one of the top merchandise movers currently in WWE.

Mysterio’s contract is an interesting situation, as WWE officials would usually start aggressively attempting to re-sign a talent in his situation by this point, however that is apparently not the case.

Speaking of Mysterio, one of the main reasons he was booked to work the non-televised live events in Northern California as opposed to his hometown in San Diego was due to the feeling in the company that he has been booked too often in San Diego. For the record, San Diego ended up drawing the worst crowd among the live events that took place last weekend.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)