Backstage News On Spike TV Canceling TNA Impact Wrestling

Posted by Brad Davis July 28, 2014 24 Comments

Late Sunday night, news broke that Spike TV has canceled TNA Impact Wrestling and will not be renewing their TV deal, which expires in October.

As noted earlier, TNA held a major company meeting on Friday and dropped the bombshell news on her staff. According to sources close to the situation, she attempted to spin the situation in her favor, saying that TNA decided to leave Spike TV because they failed to promote the company effectively. While she might have a point there, all indications are that Viacom and Spike TV made the decision to end their relationship with TNA for a variety of factors.

Spike’s decision to not renew TNA’s TV deal was made immediately after news of Vince Russo working for TNA became public. It was rumored for months that Russo was working as a consultant for the company, which he and TNA vehemently denied. Earlier this month, Vince Russo inadvertently CC’d Mike Johnson on an internal email intended for Taz and Mike Tenay, essentially confirming that he was in fact working for TNA.

Jim Ross Blogs About Spike TV Canceling Impact Wrestling

There were many reasons that TNA did not want that knowledge made public. First, Russo’s reputation speaks for itself and the majority of wrestling fans would not have a lot of faith in TNA’s decision to rehire one of the most infamous and controversial writers in the industry. There was also an issue of  TNA’s relationship with The Great Muta and his Japanese Wrestle-1 promotion, which currently has a partnership with TNA. Muta has very negative feelings about Vince Russo due to his negative portrayal of Japanese wrestlers over the years. It’s believed that he was assured Vince Russo was not working for TNA when he agreed to partner with TNA and host Bound For Glory in Japan later this year.

However, the main reason TNA did not want Russo’s involvement made public was because Spike TV executives despise him. There are a number of reasons Spike did not want anything to do with Russo, many of them related to the type of programming Russo presented during his previous run with the company.

TNA is obviously in a very bad spot right now. With just two months before Impact Wrestling is dropped from Spike TV, there is not a lot of time for them to find another cable network willing to pick them up. Additionally, it’s highly unlikely they will be able to negotiate a new contract that will earn them anything close to what they were getting from Spike. TNA’s current International TV deals are not lucrative enough to keep the company going and the company will have a very hard time doing live shows in the Untied States without a national TV clearance.

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    • Chris_Is_Awesome

      nananana nananana heyheyhey….

    • bluebook

      Vince Russo is, yet again, responsible for the demise of a wrestling company. Wrestling should issue a restraining order against the man.

      But really, it was Dixie Carter’s mind-numbing stupidity that finally destroyed TNA. It is amazing the company lasted this long under her, which is nothing but a testament to the talent of the people who both wrestled in the ring and who worked backstage to make the better of the stupid decisions Carter made over the years. Why in god’s name would Carter even THINK of hiring Russo AGAIN? He has proven time and time again he is a TERRIBLE writer who had done little to improve the quality of their product in the past. Not to mention she knew Spike TV executives didn’t want anything to do with him, so she must have suspected it could put contract re-negotiations in jeopardy. Still, she hired him again, lying to people who trusted her and who could, at any moment, pull the plug on TNA’s life support. I can hardly think of anything else she could have done that could be more stupid.

      But it doesn’t surprise me Vince could convince her of the delusion he was worth the risk. After all, she seems to have no problems living under delusions of her own; pretending that her company was in better shape or more relevant than it actually was, spinning obviously negative news in every way she could and hiring has-beens whose time as innovated creators or exciting performers had long expired, so that then they could re-hash the same tired storylines of the past not once, but time and time again.

      TNA and everyone who worked in it, is a victim of Dixie Carter’s stupidity. The best thing that could happen to the company now is if she just sells it and never comes near it ever again.

      • Shaquille Burton

        Aj Jarrett Kaz Chris Daniels guys that were there from the beginning knew this was going to end up happening I’m just glad they jumped ship before it sanked

      • Guest

        If you’re going to single Russo out for running wrestling organizations into ground that wouldn’t be applicable to WCW or TNA. Yes Russo is a horrible booker when there’s little to no oversight to keep him check but both companies were doing terrible with and without him.

        • bluebook

          Of course Russo isn’t singlehandedly responsible for either company going down, but the nail he drove into the coffins of both companies was fatal.

          If reports are true, even more so in TNA’s case, because he was the one who accidentally CC’d a Spike TV exec. in an internal email, thereby confirming reports Russo was still working with TNA. That’s what I was referring to in the first part of my long comment, where I also outlined other reasons why TNA is on its way out. But, by all means, feel free to ignore that part, I understand it’s not beneficial to your accusation that I pinned everything on Russo.

          • duh

            mike johnson (The guy CCd) is one of the guys who runs, not a Spike TV exec

          • solem

            *If reports are true* which, as of now, it doesn’t seem like they are. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, specially dirt-sheet sites.

      • bluebookismybitch

        You want a tissue for all the crying you are doing. Vince Russo didn’t run TNA into the ground. Dixie and her bad decisions did. Starting back when she brought Bischoff and Hogan into the company.. Russo never ruined anything. He was always brought in to a sinking ship anyway.. The Vince Russo hatred is just a trendy things so called wrestling fans like to whine and cry about.

        • bluebook

          You must have read the first two sentences of my comment and then stopped, didn’t you? Read the rest.

      • duh

        not just stupidity but duplicitous business practice with her partners. If she lied to Spike and Muta saying Russo wasnt there, thats actually worse than her hiring him

    • Chalmo

      Let the wrestlers buy it out or sell but Russo and carter have to go. Unless this is a big kfab and spike are pretending to drop it to remove Dixie legitimately. A Dixieless and russoless company might get signed back up with spike. Can’t loose this from my TV each Thursday….. Might have to be the wwe side when they launch the Internet TV product in the uk….yikes!

      • Guest

        How do expect the wrestlers to buy it when they don’t even have the type of money to do that?

        • Chalmo

          Have a think about it… What’s it worth now… How do you know what the wrestlers have… How many are there… Have you any facts?… I haven’t… It’s hypothetical… All of this is…. :) Might be a perfect wwe takeover opportunity. Musicians have offered to buy it previously it seems. I hope they continue, maybe spike will move to ROH or someone else to fill the gap.

          • Guest

            My proof is that Wrestlers more specifically TNA wrestlers don’t have the type of money to buy out a wrestling promotion that ironically has a notorious reputation for not paying some of them a living wage. That fact that TNA was started up by Jeff Jarett and his father and then sold off to Dixie Carter’s family should be a good example of how impractical it is for wrestlers especially in this day and age and in this country to own their own wrestling promotions.

            • Chalmo

              Looks like you have this all wrapped up :) happy days for you :) point proven I think :)

    • Doomsday

      I swear, Russo is a mole working for WWE. Ruin other wrestling companies and Vince will pay ya!

    • William Dalton

      i think its time the tna talent starts looking for a job

      • Guest

        The fact that TNA barely pays half of them, let alone on time should’ve been an earlier sign.

    • theseizurecomic

      So Dixie hired somebody that nobody wanted around, despite the fact that her lucrative deals were kind of predicated on said guy not being around. She then lies about and tries to cover-up the fact that said guy nobody wanted around was still around, but she can’t keep the facade up forever and the truth eventually comes out, which will likely cost her not only her lucrative deal with Great Muta, but also her TV deal with Spike.
      There’s a moral in this somewhere, but I don’t feel like digging for it.

      • duh

        cue south park’s “I learned something today…”

    • Mike Lyentbrocklesnar

      I remember when the fans would chant “Fire Russo!” and she held a meeting with her creative team threatening to terminate everyone but Russo if the crowd did that again. Boy, has that come back to bite her in the @$$.

    • Q9V

      This is all a work. Spike Tv is just the next big heel faction out to destroy TNA.

    • Lmao

      Nothing of value will really be lost anyway. I mean, aside from the fact that TNA has much better asses going for them within their Knockout division in comparison to the Divas.


    • Nicholas Williams

      I think Jarrett is going to land the Spike TV deal with his GFW promotion and most of the current roster in TNA will end up there. They could do without the Bro-Mans, Spud, EC3, Zema Ion, Lashley, Gunner, and Sam Shaw.

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