Backstage News On Sting’s Cryptic “7.14.14” Tweet: Is It WWE Related?

Posted by Matt Boone July 9, 2014 8 Comments

As previously reported, Sting posted the following “cryptic tweet” on Tuesday, and a separate tweet, also posted on Tuesday (his first two posts since April 10th):

While the tweets immediately resulted in speculation from wrestling fans, the belief is that whatever he is tweeting about is unrelated to WWE.

The only likelihood of WWE involvement, as noted in a recent previous post, would be something to do with the WWE 2K15 video game, or possibly the WWE-produced DVD.

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    • Mr. X

      Pretty badass picture though.

    • bleek

      So no debut?

    • joelphim5

      Sting suck old baster

    • Shockmaster

      Sting will be debuting his troll gimmick on the 32nd of August.

    • Impatient

      WTF? Sign the fuckin contract and get yr ass out there!

    • Spencer Elliott

      Where is the backstage news?

      • Dan Pedreyra

        I was just uddering that to myself. haha. These goofs and their spank news. HUGE-IST BACKSTAGE LOCKER ROOM Rumors we made up. If it wasnt entertaining I wouldnt read it. Honestly…..check out Bleacher Report. Those are ACTUAL journalists who must have experience as such before BR allows the to “tryout.” These guys are fans/marks who have no idea what their doing and get 99% from other sources that…YES I SEE. Plagiarism is alive and well.

        • Spencer Elliott

          Yeah, I agree. It is entertainment in itself!

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