Backstage News On SummerSlam Plans, Lesnar/Reigns At WM31?

Posted by Matt Boone August 15, 2014 27 Comments

It is believed that we will see some hints towards the direction heading into WrestleMania 31 at Sunday night’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

If Brock Lesnar wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena, the belief is that he will remain champion until next year’s WrestleMania, where it is expected that he will drop it to Roman Reigns, resulting in the climax of Reigns’ push as WWE’s new top Superstar.

Another key to Sunday’s show is that WWE needs a strong build coming out of the event and heading into Night Of Champions, because many of the initial six-month WWE Network subscriptions are set to expire in September, so WWE will need to give a strong incentive for fans to re-subscribe.

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    • David

      For the love of all things that are holy, if this does happen please say Seth cashes in straight away and wins. Don’t think I could bare listening to Reigns’ “look at me, I’m the champ” promos week in week out

      • SJ

        The idea of Cena or Lesnar being WWE Champion is bad enough! But having those two going along with fuckin putting over an underserving guy like Reigns is extremely objectionable, insulting, annoying and pathetic!

        • SJ

          Sorry that things are so messed up in WWE. It has been that way for several years now. See, they may decide to have it be so Orton can kick Reigns’s ass if he gets the championship handed to him much like Cena and Lesnar had the championship handed to them. Its also since Lesnar and Cena are scared shitless to face against him….The astonishingly, extremely handsome, adoreable, super-cute, incredibly good-looking, clean shaven guy Randy Orton used to be better known as The Viper. So they have to put over Reigns?! WTF?! Not fair. That’s wrong, sucks and is objectionable!

          • R-sege

            Orton should be champ!!!

            • Sheila

              The Viper RKO 4 Champion to beat either Cena or Lesnar!!!!

            • Rita

              Randy Orton The Viper deserves to be champion!!!!

          • ORTON SUCKS COCK

            Quit sucking ortons cock

            • Freija

              The Viper Randy Orton deserves to be champion!!!
              Guys who don’t deserve to be or remain champion:
              Brock Lesnar
              John Cena
              Roman Reigns
              You’re the one sucking Reigns’s cock for the longest time mofo.

          • what ever~

            You are an idiot Cena is not scared of Orton come now he has beaten him many times… Reigns will be a good champion! I think you need to check yourself.

            • SJ

              No, I’m not an idiot. John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are scared of The Viper Randy Orton. Reigns SUCKS as champion!!! Cena or Lesnar as champion SUCKS!!!!!
              They’re all scared of The Viper Randy Orton!!!!!

          • Jonathan Lee

            When was the last ppv Orton won? I can’t remember :

            • SJ

              In 2009 was the last time Randy Orton won at a pay-per-view. Because not only did he kick Cena’s fucking ass in at WWE HIAC – Hell In A Cell but his promo backstage with Cody Rhodes Jr. and Ted DiBiase Jr. after his match vs. John Cena, that was one of my absolute favorite promos! Plus, his match vs. John Cena that night was extremely cool, interesting, and terriffic bout!!!
              Did youi see when Randy Orton had John Cena trapped in the ropes and he got him in a headlock on the ropes?? I was LMFAO with the bugged-out look in John Cena’s eyes and the fact he couldn’t escape! And the fact that although John Cena intentionally had thrown the steel steps at The Viper Randy Orton, who ducked out of the way so that he wouldn’t get seriously injured or hurt with them. So he’d be able to fight again another day!
              Randy Orton’s got an incredible, astonishing, chiseled-looking physique!!! He also has incredibly cool and sometimes funny and just plain amazingly fantastic facial expressions!!! He’s a good person on the inside and works for things he wants. So do a lot of people in WWE though. That’s how it is.
              SummerSlam is going to be in the NY-NJ area next year??
              Even though they’ve usually done that pay-per-view in California?? Sounds amazing!!!

        • SJ

          It’s worse if Reigns is allowed to win vs. The Viper Randy Orton!Reigns doesn’t deserve to be champion on Monday Night RAW at all!
          Lesnar or Cena winning is a disadvantage for everyone…..that’s bad enough if they win….but then they’re going to go and put over Roman Reigns who does not deserve to be champion and refuse to put over The Viper Randy Orton who does deserve to be champion… know what???
          I’d have The Viper Randy Orton kick ass on and defeat Roman Reigns and face against Lesnar or Cena at WrestleMania 31 !!!!
          However if the WWE and the smarks and Cena decide to throw a monkey wrench in this……and so far it appears to be and looks that way indeed….
          I’ll find a way to get revenge on Roman Reigns at a WWE house show….for and on behalf of The Viper Randy Orton!!!!!

      • Larissa

        Reigns winning vs. Orton at SummerSlam is completely and totally, utterly:

    • Mase3b6

      Summerslam has some solid stories goin in too bad theres so much whining goin on #fansrruiningwrestling!

      • Chris_Is_Awesome


    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny can’t see Lesnar holding the belt for 7-8 months when he makes only 10 appearances per year.

    • STFU

      I’m sick of hearing you little babies bitch. If Brock wins and keeps the belt till next year then it means no Cena as a champ for a year. WWE could have Seth cash in the briefcase after the match and drill brock in the head with it a few times and take the title from brock. Its time for Cena to stop being handed titles and being shoved down our throats. Yes Reigns needs more work on the mic but WWE hasnt truly given him time on the mic since the shields debut. Put the belt on Brock or Seth for a while and in the meantime keep building up Reigns and let him get more mic experience in. By the way, STFU about Orton. The only ones that constantly bitch about Orton not being the champ or pushed are chicks. Orton is boring and whether he is a face or heel his time has come and gone.

      • what ever~

        You are an extreme idiot! Cena is one of the best there is in the biz too bad if you do not like him get over it! Brock sucks and does not deserve the belt because he goes in and out when he doesn’t like something. Seth hasn’t been there long enough to do get it either. He is still green and undeserving as well.

        • SJ

          the clean shaven Viper’s the BEST and deserves to be champion more than Lesnar or Cena or Reigns do!!!!

      • SJ

        The clean shaven guy ……known as : The Viper Randy Orton’s extremely cool and incredible as Champion and is the BEST!!!!

      • AngelStar

        Cena’s time has come and gone.
        The Viper Randy Orton’s time is arriving!!!
        He is an interesting, quiet, passionate, intense guy at times but at other times he is gentle, sweet, caring, kind, affectionate…but if I could or were able to get him to be extremely physically affectionate with me in a romantic type of way or get him to be my steady boyfriend….I’D 100% WHOLEHEARTEDLY, ABSOLUTELY WOULD DO SO!!!!!
        I apologize and am extremely sorry for not being able to convince Randy to go back to being clean-shaven yet. Maybe he’s waiting for the time to be completely right before he does that or something….that’s just my own personal guess-tim-ate about that situation.

    • MITB loser

      i bet seth cashes in and just gets destroyed

    • what ever~

      Well they will lose me a subscriber if Brock wins that is for sure he does not deserve the title… So if Cena loses I will tell all my family and friends to unsubscribe to the network and I have many… so they won’t get my money…

      • Yawn

        You mean you and your cat will unsubscribe, won’t really affect WWE at all

        • no name

          you mean you would no longer subscribe to wwe ??

      • SJ

        Myself?? I’d much rather be in matches than only be able to watch matches.

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