Backstage News: TNA Roster Not Pleased With Hulk Hogan

As previously noted, the original plan for Bobby Roode at Sunday’s Bound For Glory PPV was to beat Kurt Angle for the TNA World Title. Obviously things changed, and now reports that Hulk Hogan is in the fact the reason why. Confirming the speculation we reported on earlier, Hogan lobbied to have the finish changed, saying he did not feel that Roode was ready to win the title. A popular theory is that Hogan’s real reason for lobbying against Roode is because Hulk wanted to have the biggest pop of the night for himself, when he turned face and saved Sting.

Hogan also didn’t win any fans in the locker room when he made a Twitter comment about AJ Styles not making promotional appearances, as AJ missed the TNA Fan Interaction event over the weekend due to a death in the family.

Due to those two issues, sources say there is a lot of resentment towards The Hulkster from the rest of the locker room right now. There’s a running joke among wrestlers wondering if they could request a transfer for Jeff Jarrett’s new project in India.