Backstage News: TNA Staff Upset With Dixie Carter, Frustration Among Employees

Posted by Matt Boone January 13, 2014 11 Comments

According to a new report, there is said to be some frustration among TNA Wrestling staffers and office employees. Apparently the feeling within the company is that the office workers aren’t appreciated for their hard work, nor has there been discussions of a raise in pay over the last several years.

Additionally, there is a feeling that TNA president Dixie Carter isn’t as approachable as she once was. It’s being said that Carter no longer goes out of her way to talk to anyone, with some noting that it seems like she’s in her own world these days, whereas she used to be a very approachable boss.

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    • Jimmy Struthers

      morale at its all-time lowest with wrestlers and now even the office staff. Talk about a sinking ship! Please sell your company and its video library for cheap, Dixie! WWE will be interested just for the video library alone because it will help them offer 10+ years of TNA content on the WWE Network! Sell soon enough and an epic takeover storyline can go down in time for WM 30, and you can use that to help get a bit more leverage and get a bit of a better offer!

      • Not Chris Jericho

        While WWE *may* be interested in the TNA library, they have zero interest in their talent. Few if any would even be hired as road agents or trainers.. Also, there would be no threat of a “takeover” like there was for WCW. TNA has never been nor will be any threat to WWE. The average WWE fan probably doesnt even know what TNA is.

        That being said, ROH would be a better place for the library to go. TNA has pretty much just been an indie promotion with national tv time.

        • wwe “talent”

          You wwe marks are priceless…

      • Sorry, The Truth

        How would you know? The dirtsheets? Haha. Because they’re NEVER wrong right? How about most of the time…

        And the only reason you don’t have a ton of downvotes is because only idiots actually sign in on this site.

    • Rockman Rex

      The ONLY talents l see WWE would take are the legends :Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, and Sting. They still have drawing power when they are on WWE platform, but not TNA. And merchandising and DVD releases on these legends would be beneficial for WWE to capitalize on profits.lts whats best for business. The rest of the talents, dont get me wrong, they are good talkers and wrestlers, but WWE dont want them because they dont see any market value for these talents based on their looks, size, on-tv characters, ages, etc. all those attributes wont work in WWE PG product. And they are not homegrown talent either. WWE would buy the name and the library.for profits only because they know there is a niche of fans that likes that style of wrestling. At the end of the day, it is what it is, its about making money, SIMPLE AS THAT!!!.

      • wwe “talent”

        No, wwe isn’t about making money, it’s about keeping everyone else down so ONLY THEY can make money. It’s how Vince has run the company since got got it from daddy. WCW did to him what he’s done to everyone else for a couple years and the revisionist history of their “documentaries.” reflects that. Get your head out of your ass and learn the truth, not what your wwe overlords spoon feed you. But you’re a retard, so you won’t.

    • tiles

      I have been getting the feeling that TNA has started to “leak” inside info a lot lately. Almost like a script, their laundry is being made public….I smell a swerve. They are telling “The Story of TNA”!!!……..but it has all been playing out a little too much as planned. I foresee a complete “faceplant ” for the company in the near future, loosing most faces (except Joe) a staff implosion, then a resurrection lead by AJ, Sting and Double J in 6 months.

      • Wall

        or, shit it leaking because no one in TNA give a $h!t anymore

        • Owen Hart’s Ghost

          How’s being so gullible working for ya there sport?

      • The Truth

        Finally someone else is seeing the storyline. And it’s brilliant in that it’s fooled all these “smart” wwe marks. Way too much is happening so fast for people that “leave” TNA. Samoa Joe and Sting with hints at leaving as well…produced on camera. That’s not an accident. With ROH and AJ teaming up for a bit and TNA getting the American Wolves tonight, I hope the 2 companies can merge eventually. Then slowly grow and take on wwe. Without a true competitor, wwe is destroying wrestling.

        Try to watch RAW. You’ll get motion sickness with the quick zoom ins whenever someone punches or kicks someone. I guess that’s supposed to fool the kiddies into thinking they hit real hard, haha.

    • TheMachineX2

      I like the new TNA. Its finally getting to the place where its suppose to be a breeding ground of fresh new faces wrestlers and an alternate to wwe. Dixie is more involve now as she should be because its her company. Its like Bischoff said your just competing wwe your competing with all the networks and tv programs like CSI, Castle , Duck Dynasty, NFL, NBA for viewership .

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