Backstage News On Why Triple H Was Furious At Monday’s RAW

Posted by Brad Davis November 7, 2013 18 Comments

Triple H was furious at Monday’s WWE RAW after timing issues heavily impacted the pacing of the show’s final segment.

When The Shield came out at the end of RAW when the show was going to commercial, Triple H was visibly upset and was seen dropping a “f-bomb” before grabbing a headset and yelling at whoever was on the other end.

The show was behind schedule by several minutes at that point and somebody in production, either Vince McMahon or Kevin Dunn, sent The Shield out to ringside as a cue for commercial. Triple H was upset because they cut before Big Show could be told he was getting a WWE title shot against Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

RAW ended up going 5 or 6 minutes longer than scheduled.

(Source: PWInsider)

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Maybe if he’d stop stroking his ego, and hear himself talk, then maybe the timing wouldn’t have sucked.

      • T 980

        I’m pretty sure he makes Steph stroke his ego every night.

    • Boris

      HHH was an awesome wrestler but as COO he worth less than worthless!

    • D

      Generic HHHate comment.

    • Undertaker316

      maybe if they stopped showing one hour of commercials every raw they would have more fucking time!

      • Helen Keller

        If they don’t have commercials, they have no RAW. Dummy.

    • Michael C Byron

      Time to get rid of Mr. Hot Head Triple H ( That is whats best for Business )

      • DefendRKO1Honor4life

        What’s best for business is….for example….those who don’t like WWE as much as they used to like and enjoy it—-for instance, you and I. For both of us to be able to feel and be satisfied with things that happen in WWE. For you and I to be able to look forward to things that occour and happen. Instead of dreading it or not looking forward to it in anticipation and enthusiasim.
        How come Randy Orton’s not allowed to go back to being clean – shaven and he’s not allowed to have likesay—-IDK, an 80’s Hardcore song or an Oi! song as his enterance theme song? I do honestly think that’d be cool if he were allowed to do so! He should be allowed to fight back against other guys if they do verbally or physically antagonize him or anyone who he cares about and Randy gets to fucking kick their asses! Like, say that John Cena or Big Show or any other guy decides to be mean intentionally towards him or to bully him. Instead of allowing them to get away with talking shit or behaving that way toward him…he gets back at them by physically attacking them for messing with him. Like he could throw John Cena onto a bunch of sharp spikes sticking up from the ground like what you’d see on a steel fence or something. Or he could prevent John Cena from being allowed to get away with behaving inappropriately toward him and other people in WWE because people whether online or at shows…either have signs or something stating what they honestly want and maybe do artwork or send Randy pics of something to show him what they want. Either to be able to defend him physically—-as in, jump a rail or barrier and interpose themself between him and his in-ring opponnent. Or the person, or persons can be allowed to get back at those in WWE or be allowed to positively intluence other people to go along with good things that the person would want.
        I have been against gimmick matches in the past moreso but perhaps it was due to my own way of looking at it and perceiving it. No, violence doesn’t always make things right but it can help if it’s used to protect someone that you care about or if for instance, it is used in defense of someone else…likesay for example, Randy Keith Orton….just to get the message across that….keep fucking with him and it’s going to be your blood, that gets spilled by me, motherfucker.

    • Michael C Byron

      Big Show should still sue Steph and Hunter

      • Walter Randall Bannister

        the lawsuit wasn’t real it was part of the show

    • hi

      can someone give me an actual reason to hate triple h?

      • Some_Random_Guy

        He’s married to Stephanie, you’re not. LOL..

      • Walter Randall Bannister

        good question…i don’t agree with everything triple h does but i still like him and i think some of his decisions are good for business…they have people talking

    • The Troll Hunter

      wow, big show vs orton might be the most boring pairing they could possibly come up with for a title ppv match. smh, f this.

      • DefendHonor

        Randy Orton vs. Big Show’s going to definitely be an interestingly fascinating, exciting match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs Pay-Per-View! You’re just not coming across like you’re thrilled and happy about it because you,like me…want to see the match be captivating, interesting and cool! As do I. Triple H is brilliant as Cheif Operating Officer.

    • in my a$$

      I don’t know who has a bigger ego?
      Hhh or his nose.

    • steve

      Maybe, just maybe, there is a large possibility that this is resulting, from the fact that HHH can’t get his ego out of the way(which has always been his biggest flaw); and realize how old he is and that his promos got boring in 05, let alone now. Yes he should be on T.V. atm he draws, and i am a HHH fan, his ego is just crazy, and no I am not talking about his on-screen (traitor/liar who turned his back and is a douche bag bully) im talking about real life. He needs to cut his promos and segments shorter, unless they are showcasing other talent. And he needs to stop non stop talking, for no reason half the time when that time would of been left for the end of the show. And considering ever since HHH has been in his “greater” seat of position, this happens a lot more then it did when he was not in that position.

    • steve

      And as i said I am a HHH fan he ain’t my favorite, but i loved him n 2000-2001(until his first quad injury) and when he came back after the surgery and also most of evolutions run along with dx but dx got boring also in about beginning of 07 end if 06 and when he was in evolution besides dave and randy he would pretty much put no one over he didnt put randy over either in there first feud and the horrible one from wrestlemania he put over batista (dave) but the only reason he did that is because 1. it was supposed to be randy and creative chnaged there mind after his world title win ovr the name wwe does not speak of and 2. because batista is big and i have no idea why but in there eyes you have to be big to be a star there are some cases n hhh has gotten better much better with the whole size thing but vince and him always have and always will get wood everytime they see a “big man” thaats in the company. and maybe 3. batista was sucking up and some of that sucking up was prob always workin out wit him n training wit him everyday, being a rookie carrying his bags n shit initially, and also possibly idk this is 50/50 that batista is/was on roids i honestly think he is or atleast was n hhh was n pos still is n hhh as i said likes the big boys ha

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