Backstage News On Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar Build-Up

Posted by Matt Boone April 3, 2014 2 Comments

The general feeling among most behind-the-scenes in WWE is that should have been booked differently during the build up to his match with at . The basic feeling is that Lesnar should have come off as more of a threat to Undertaker and his streak.

made the call originally to have Undertaker go the entire build-up to the match without being touched, although he ended up changing that plan on the “go-home” edition of on Monday night, as we witnessed, with Lesnar giving Undertaker his F-5 finisher. Even then, however, the call was made to have Lesnar’s attack be a sneak attack from behind, with the announcers painting Lesnar as a coward.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)