Backstage News On How WWE Is Booking Paige, Reason They Are Doing It

Posted by Matt Boone April 26, 2014 16 Comments

Apparently WWE is booking Divas Champion Paige is a very specific way, with a design behind it. The feeling is she needs to connect with the WWE audience before competing in high-profile matches with top talent.

WWE is having Paige work with lower-level heels, such as Aksana and Alicia Fox, as a way to allow the fans to get to know her and have a reason to get behind her, before she advances into bigger matches, such as the one coming up with Tamina Snuka at Extreme Rules.

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    • Bulkster

      So they put the title on her first, then decide they want to get her over. Makes sense.

      • yoyo

        WWE creative likes to put the cart before the horse.

    • T 980

      Hopefully this means the Diva’s division will become a little more serious and not so much “look at my tits and butthole”. Don’t get me wrong; I love the hot women, but I would much rather see the division become more of a serious thing rather then just pure looks and have the title tossed around like a $2 hooker.

      • Derp

        I wanna see Paige’s tits and butthole. I would like that asshole like a battery.

        • Derp


          • Anna Maxey

            who licks a battery?

            • Bulkster

              A retard.

            • Derp

              People who understand technology and know that when you lick the end of a battery, it’ll give you a tingly sensation to indicate whether or not it still has a charge.

              Eat that Fagster.

            • John

              Derp… You are a complete IDIOT!!!

        • duh

          well Heath Slater has beaten you to it!!!!

          • Derp

            Really? Heath Slater? That guy is a goofy lookin Owen Wilson doppelganger fuck.

    • April Jeanette Lee

      for your info The requested page “/obituaries/donald-orrin-buddy-danielso” could not be found.

    • AliciasForgottenDivasTitle

      Wtf? Alicia Fox lower level talent? Smh.

      • Anna Maxey

        fox is better than half the girls on roster

        • Duh

          More than half.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says you can’t get any lower Diva talent than Aksana.

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