Backstage News On WWE Again Considering Unifying I-C & U.S. Titles

Posted by Matt Boone May 10, 2014 3 Comments

There is once again discussion within WWE about the possibility of unifying the WWE Intercontinental and WWE United States Championships.

However, with the WWE U.K. tour coming up, and the fact that Sheamus and Bad News Barrett are both European champions, it looks like there may be more smoke to the fire than usual.


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    • Mr. X

      Short answer… They should. The I.C. belt should absorb the US Title, and it should once again be used as a stepping stone to the WWE championship for guys like Barrett, Rhodes, Cesaro, and dare I say Kofi.

    • FightFan

      WWE has got to stop unifying titles. Some may disagree, but I believe that in the long-run ending the brand extension was a very unwise move. With a constantly-growing talent pool and many of the top stars appearing on both shows, the rest of the mid-carders are not getting nearly as much screen-time. Each title meant something because they were exclusive to their own show. Having two separate brands with their own titles also made it easier to build talent. Now so many promising talents are getting lost in the shuffle and may have their runs end before they ever begin.

      • Him

        I agree. And I guess that means no more Bragging Rights Paperview. Such a shame. And there’ll be less champion vs champion matches also a down side.

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