Backstage News On WWE Diva JoJo Being On Thin Ice In The Company

Posted by Matt Boone December 26, 2013 21 Comments

There are some rumors that WWE Diva JoJo Offerman is on thin ice with the company right now.

The fact that WWE has kept her off of multiple recent television tapings mixed with the fact that she was barely acknowledged during the second-half of season one of Total Divas is seen as a bad sign for her future with the company.

JoJo has, however, been in attendance at some of the recent NXT events.


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    • charley ramirez

      Granted shes being overshadowed by Eva Marie.

    • starkiller

      soooo you have to be on a reality show in order to wrestle as a woman (diva) in the company now? is that what im pretty much reading there?

      • Will $teel

        well considering she cant really wrestle anyways, I think the Total Divas show was all she had going for her, its just a sign shes going to be released soon. Besides AJ isnt on that show and is the best diva in the company right now

        • Guest

          “AJ isnt on that show and is the best diva in the company right now”

          AJ isn’t on the show and is the weakest diva in the company right now

          pretty sure that’s what you meant to say.

          • Will $teel

            i mean shes the champ so how isnt she the best in the company? In terms of wrestling, Natalya is the only one who can out wrestle her. They put on a good match at TLC, which is rare (if not nonexistent) for today’s divas.

            • Guest

              She’d be the best if they stop having her job 90% of the time and she more people to feud with instead of Natalya, The Bellas, & The Funkadactyls.

              Along with not pairing her up with divas for no reason like Layla & Tamina.

            • starkiller

              i see Tamina getting fed up with her role as “body guard” and turning on her… then boom you have another story line not involving the bellas.

            • Will $teel

              yea thats virtually a guarantee. This storyline is just the female version of HBK/Diesel, Ziggler/Big E,.etc. The sooner the turn happens the better, bcuz obviously NO FAN gives a rat ass about the Bellas. Im intrigued by a future Tamina/AJ fued. The divas division is hangin on by a thread and if they give Brie the title, it will be officially destroyed

            • Kat

              Oh God please don’t let that happen.

            • Guest

              It happened once and it would still not have the same fearful effect.

            • Guest

              Why not Tamina can use another push that goes nowhere.

          • Common Sense

            lol you’re such a troll. Anybody with a brain can see she’s the best thing to happen to the Women’s division in the Post-Trish-&-Lita Era. She’s leagues better than the pushed Bellas and Eva Marie both talent-wise and entertainment-wise. The crowd instantly reacts with universal cheers whenever she comes out, despite the fact that she’s a heel (Psssttt, WWE Creative team, wake up!). Natalya is obviously the strongest on the main roster when it comes to ability and experience, but AJ is undisputably the biggest draw.

            • troll

              Also aj’s ass in those shorts. *drools*

            • Guest

              The jeans man the jeans

            • Guest

              Yeah shes’s the biggest draw in the divas division despite being the champion of a somewhat shallow division, she also has for the last 2 months has done nothing but job most of the time on tv. Yet for whatever reason is allowed to retain her title on the PPV in spite of all that.

              When put you’re champion in a traditional survivor series match and have them get pinned (without being the last person on the team) something’s clearly not being done right.

    • Kris Godwin

      Don’t worry JoJo, Orton will protect you! Political Powers Activate!!!

      • Kat

        HA HA She’s way too young for him anyway.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny asks, does anyone really care about JoJo? I don’t.
      Outside of Natalya, the rest of the Diva’s division stinks.

      • Guest

        Maybe that’s because Natalya farted on them during that period she had a farting gimmick.

    • DaDirtiest

      She too damn fine, they don’t want any other fine black girls except for the funkadactyls for the moment. Too bad, its just bad timing, cause she looks tasty

      • Guest

        Well if you’re into butch lesbian’s I guess (Tamina does look good when she’s actually allowed to dress and look feminine)

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