Backstage News On WWE Planning To Add A New Member To Evolution

Posted by Matt Boone May 9, 2014 27 Comments

As previously reported, there has been discussion about adding another member to the Evolution faction in WWE. The key Superstar being considered for a future spot in the group is WWE United States Champion Sheamus. As noted, Sheamus is likely turning heel in the future, so he would fit into the group seamlessly based on story lines.

It’s being said that if WWE were to add Sheamus to Evolution, that it would be done when Batista does eventually take his hiatus to do movie promotional work.


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    • Plissken

      Instead of another Big Man, Evolution needs a fourth wrestler that does not look like the others.
      I’d love to see Dolph Ziggler in it. He could be the substitute of Ric Flair.

      • Derp

        Dolph teaming with Boreton and Triple Haitch could work, would give him a big advantage. Hell, Sandow or Cesaro would be a good fit too. Just no Boo-tista.

      • xxdayoffatexx

        Wow… I just told a friend that yesterday. I flat out said, you know who would be great in Evolution to replace Flair… Dolph Ziggler. So they would still uphold the past, present, and future idea

        • D

          Ziggler has no future. He’s already reached as high as his star is destined to go.

          • Steven Buchanan

            ya sheamus would be a good edision but dolph needs that push HHH and Shameus are bestfriends in real life and got him into wwwe so..

    • troll

      gilberg anyone?

    • Shitty Reporting

      So according to this website, CM Punk is joining Evolution.

      • jon

        Lol yes that will be the next repirt

      • Bevo

        Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista not being allowed to be singles wrestlers like they used to be sucks dammit!!!

    • big stank

      really sheamus come on now punk would be a better fit and it is what is best business. cm punk needs to the 4 member.

      • T 980

        Cm punk will not come back

        • D

          And thank god.

    • Adam Jones

      Or, why not mix things up and throw a twist on it? I think Roman Reigns would be a huge add on. It would break the Shield up like they’ve mentioned previously and would set Roman’s single-career up. We know evolution won’t last very long.

      • Chris Zaia

        ok your clueless it is a well known fact he’s going babyface

        • Adam Jones

          It’s highly entertaining how quick people are to call people out aggressively on social sites. Yes, I realize that’s what they are planning. It was simply an idea with a twist I was throwing out. Thank you for informing me of my cluelessness. I’m a better man now.

          • Pixi

            Pffft. Orton’s not a better man for being in Evolution or for sucking up to Triple H and Batista or anyone else in WWE. Hi having to continue being a heel and bad guy like he’s presently doing SUCKS!!!! When Randy Orton used to be The Viper when he was clean-shaven….he was the most incredible person and was a phenomenal athlete, wrestler, he was the absolute best… and superb underdog with an exciting, extremely cool, resilient, tough, good hearted, funny, intelligent, badass, intense, passionate sort of edge to him!!!

    • Jason Joseph

      It going to be sheamus triple h advocates him and he’s scheduled to turn heel soon

      • Sheila

        The Viper Randy Orton NOT RETURNING to being a clean-shaven, badass, underdog, good guy, who is turning babyface soon SUCKS HELLACIOUSLY AWFUL!!!!

    • John

      Despite already having been in Legacy, yada yada…I think Cody Rhodes would be a good “future” prospect for Evolution. I think given the success he had with his last few heel runs…a turn and pairing with H & Orton would be good for him. I think it could propel him into main event status as it did Orton.

      • D

        Rhodes isn’t a main eventer. He’s a solid midcarder and that’s all he’ll ever be. Trust in McMahon to make the right call.

      • SJ

        Orton having to remain in Evolution SUCKS!
        Triple H and Orton having to pair up with Cody Rhodes in Evolution SUCKS!
        Orton having to remain a heel/bad guy and do things I don’t like SUCKS!

    • Drmgiver

      That doesn’t make any sense. HHH moved into the position of Flair as he is the one with the experience now. Orton has the old HHH spot as he is the one that is “now”, Batista has the same spot he always did really. Who takes the new guy spot? Sheamus? He isn’t a new guy. That doesn’t fit.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        Sami Zayn maybe move him up from NXT?

        • Drmgiver

          Doesn’t really fit that character I don’t think.

      • KroyAkre


      • SJ

        Orton’s not in Evolution. Least he isn’t supposed to be. He got kicked out of Evolution by Triple H and Batista. Remember? When Batista had Orton on his shoulders supposedly celebrating when Orton became champion but then he knocked Orton off his shoulders and Triple H and Batista attacked Orton?!
        Sheamus being the new guy in Evolution sucks! Orton should not have to stay in Evolution anyway. Him having to be part of that group SUCKS!!! He was a zillion times better as the clean-shaven, badass, underdog Viper who became WWE Champion !!!!
        Orton being romantically involved with/the boyfriend of Kim Marie is objectionable, abhorrent, lousy, fucked up, pathetic, nonsensical garbage,
        no-good atrocious, HELLACIOUS CRAP!!!
        Orton being in Evolution SUCKS!!!
        Orton not being the clean-shaven guy, “The Viper” SUCKS!!!!

    • #тroopaтнeѕcoop

      Damn before I clicked this i said a good heel sheamus would fit then bam lol

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