Backstage News On WWE’s New Plans For Dolph Ziggler & The Miz

Posted by Matt Boone February 5, 2014 4 Comments

According to one source, the reason The Miz did a quick, angry appearance on commentary during Monday’s RAW was to set up a future tag-team.

Apparently the idea is to team Miz up with Dolph Ziggler, who also began the seeds of the new team, which is set to be somewhat of a “disgruntled angry men” tag-team, when he cut the “shoot” promo on the WWE App recently.


  • Angelo

    Oh my god…. This is going to be the greatest Tag Team of all time

  • Undertaker316

    i really dont care about the miz but im glad dolph ziggler is getting a push

    • Will $teel

      my thoughts exactly

  • Anon12

    What I thought of will come true! The “Awesome Show Off” !

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