Backstage News On WWE’s Plans To Give Roman Reigns A Huge Babyface Push

Posted by Matt Boone November 7, 2013 9 Comments

-As of this past week, the plan in WWE is to put Roman Reigns on the “fast-track” to becoming a babyface. The feeling among WWE officials is that Reigns has the potential to be one of the next big Superstars for the company. Recently on RAW, WWE specifically put Reigns in a position to get people to pop for him by having him hit an impressive-looking spear on Big Show.

-Speaking of spears, WWE has added a new video called “Most Devastating Spears!” to their official YouTube channel. You can watch the new video, with the aforementioned Reigns spear on Big Show included as part of the package, directly below:

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    • dollbaby001

      I think Roman Reigns should get a big push. He is the cutest wrestler in wwe and has great potential to be a big star. I would love for him to take the spot away from cena

    • Brett J Long

      Roman Reigns, the Uso brothers, and the ROCK are cousins, so they should fit in where Roman gets jumped for some reason by the other two members of shield, and some others like Ryback, and Curtis Axle, When the Uso’s and the Rock, save him!

      • Bo-Bise617

        You should be a WWE writer, because that’s better then half the shit I’ve seen on raw so far

        • Dubya C Dubya

          Agreed. Hell, it could somehow even go as far as to be some Next Generation of Domination type of thing, with Rock as the leader. I would certainly tune in weekly to see just that.

    • death2you

      I saw this coming! Roman has the experience to be BIG! I can see him turning on the SHIELD! Hopefully this happens before WrestleMania!

      • tnicols

        Roman Reigns / leakee is the younger brother of Rosey, and son of wild somana Sika; so he better be able to be an big star with all that family history.

        • tnicols

          if the brought Manu back; they could tag him up with his cousin Reigns and reform the Wild Samoans.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny thinks if the WWE is going to turn Reigns face, do it at the Royal Rumble. This way, they can set a feud in place that would culminate by WM XXX. Orton vs Reigns for the belt & face of the company. This would a huge main event & Reigns would get a monster pop. It would be good for business.

    • Jpro Walkom

      i kind of want The Shield to stick around for Wrestlemania. I really want to see Wyatts vs The Shield. That would be a great opener not to mention the crowd went crazy when they clashed about 2 weeks ago. It will also draw money.

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