Backstage Opinion Of Cesaro, Booker T’s Return, WWE/El Generico

– SmackDown General Manager Booker T is left out of commission following a torn triceps and elbow surgery for an elbow infection. Due to his absence, the feud with Teddy Long has been temporarily put on hold. He’s expected back on television around the end of the month.

– WWE officials in developmental have told Sami Zayn, the former El Generico, that they like his hot spots, but he needs to do less in matches. Officials agree that he’s really good, very intelligent and does good promos. Officials like the spots he does but don’t want him to do so many in one match.

– WWE RAW had 347,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay for the April 15th show and 316,000 on the April 22nd show.

– WWE officials feel Antonio Cesaro is boring while others in the company disagree and want him in the top mix of things. Cesaro is described as having no real problems in the company as he’s drug free and has a good level of maturity in the locker room. Unfortuntely, those who agree he is too boring are some of the highest people in the company.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter