Backstage News: Vince Furious At Del Rio, Mark Henry Upset

— Vince McMahon was irate backstage at Monday’s RAW SuperShow after his name was mentioned by Alberto Del Rio during the live broadcast.

Many people within WWE believe McMahon got upset because he is returning to television soon and did not want his name mentioned. Del Rio and the creative writer involved in the segment were both yelled at backstage by Vince.

Stephanie McMahon, who was on hand for the event, attempted to calm her father down but was unable to do so. He remained temperamental for the rest of the night as he was yelling at colleagues throughout the show and making life miserable for those around him.

— Mark Henry was said to be very upset over Jerry Lawler getting hurt at RAW when the table didn’t break away properly. At this time, Lawler is expected to miss next week’s RAW.

— Hugh Jackman was a big hit backstage at RAW last night. Jackman wasn’t familiar with all of the current talent but was a big fan in the mid 1980s and took a photo with Steve Lombardi‚Äč backstage. Jackman noted that he remembered seeing him during a 1986 WWF tour of Australia. Word is that Jackman mingled with the wrestlers, took a ton of photos, and many of the wrestlers said that he was their favorite guest star.

— Dolph Ziggler has stated on Twitter that he suffered a “hairline mandibular fracture” of his jaw from Hugh Jackman’s punch. Ziggler said he will be wearing a mouth guard while it heels and will not miss any matches.