Backstage Reaction To Scott Steiner At WrestleMania Weekend

As previously noted, Scott Steiner was visiting friends with WWE in Atlanta over the WrestleMania weekend and at Monday’s RAW. A lot of observers were on edge waiting for a confrontation between Steiner and Triple H, given their real life heat and the comments Steiner has made about him and Shawn Michaels, and espcially his wife Stephanie. Steiner has gone on record with his comments on Stephanie, but nobody confronted him about anything he said about Vince’s daughter.

One WWE employee says people are still scared of Scott Steiner based on the reputation he built during his WCW days. Steiner’s rap sheet includes aggravated assault, “terroristic threats”, assaulting DDP backstage at Nitro, and of course threatening to kill Ric Flair in a parking lot.

Here’s a clip with some of Steiner’s comments regarding Triple H and Stephanie. Be warned, it contains offensive language:

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