Backstage Reaction To The Finish Of The Main Event At WWE SummerSlam

Posted by Matt Boone August 20, 2013 12 Comments

Regarding the conclusion to the main event at SummerSlam, many backstage within WWE felt it was a fantastic way to finish the match. Others disagreed, feeling that Daniel Bryan should have won clean and have his moment. The general consensus is with that type of finish, Bryan is continued to fill the “underdog” position in the company, which they feel gives the fans a chance to really rally behind him even more as he continues his chase.

In addition to that, many felt it was somewhat awkward that Bryan wouldn’t kick out of the pin attempt by Randy Orton, considering how much time had passed between Triple H’s pedigree and Orton’s actual pin.

A few people also pointed out how ridiculous it is that a somewhat retired in-ring competitor such as Triple H, would have such a devastating finishing move that it basically out-did annything John Cena attempted in the match, in terms of getting the pinfall on Bryan.


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    • Undertaker316

      Bryan did win clean i think first wrestler to win a champion ship match against john cena clean with out interference during the match.
      I do agree that bryan should of kicked out of the first pedigree it should of took at least a second pedigree or an rko to beat him.

    • Owen Hart


    • Jerry Lawler

      Heart attacks are fun

    • Chris Benoit


    • Brandon Didier

      people cant blame orton he did exactly what daniel bryan did to the big show after he beat mark henry

      • Mark McMarkMark

        Attention shoppers, we have a Mark Alert in isle 5 … a mark alert in isle 5.

        • Grammar Nazi


          • Spelling Nazi

            Spelling Nazi

            • Mr 561

              Aright peoples, let’s try to keep things on topic ;)

    • Brandon Didier

      but the main point of it is that management got involved hbk should at least side with daniel bryan after all he trained him to be what he is today and it was wrong for his best friend to do what he did

    • ECWoriginal

      It was like McMahon (triple h) screwing Austin (Daniel Bryan) for the Rock (orton) I loved the match it had an attitude era style

    • petra

      ridiculous was not counting a pin on ADR when Christian reversed armbreaker..

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