Backstage Reaction To Undertaker’s Loss, Undertaker At Monday’s RAW

Posted by Matt Boone April 10, 2014 13 Comments

As noted, Undertaker was legitimately hospitalized with a severe concussion sustained in his WrestleMania XXX match with Brock Lesnar. Undertaker was released on Monday, however, and was actually backstage at RAW. For whatever reason, the decision was made not to use him on the show.

Those who saw Undertaker backstage at RAW noted that he was limping around pretty badly, and appeared to be in rough shape.

Regarding the decision to end Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, there is said to be a number of people in the company who were very unhappy about that decision, but couldn’t — and won’t — say anything about it publicly.

The decision was reportedly made by Vince McMahon, not Undertaker himself. There are conflicting reports regarding the call. Some “in the know” claim that McMahon had to talk Undertaker into it, while others, also “in the know,” say McMahon made the call and Undertaker simply went with it.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Ted Gal

      Fu Vince

    • Ted Gal

      Fuck you Vince !!!!

    • Dominic

      So it was actually Vince who made the call? & I thought Undertaker was the one who made it… Wow…

    • Damn dirtsheets and “sources”

      lol Who in their right mind would believe this, Undertaker the legend and respected individual he is has enough pull and respect with Vince to call the shots on when the streak would end. Vince wouldn’t force Undertaker to lose at WM, if anything Vince would have force it to keep going like he has the past few years, against Undertaker’s wishes I might add. It was originally supposed to end on Undertaker’s terms in his WM match against Kurt, but management and some say even Kurt were against it.

      • Shaquille Burton

        Yeah and bret was just gonna walk out of Montreal WWF Champion vince would’ve made sure that lesnar won

      • P.P. Johnny

        He never fought kurt at mania jackass.

    • Kris Godwin

      No, Vince didn’t make the call. That’s stupid.

      Do people seriously think that Undertaker had no say in the matter? Of course he did. Remember, this is a guy who made Vince leave WRESTLEMANIA in order to accompany him to the hospital.

    • D

      Good. If the people in the company who are unhappy with the decision aren’t the ones in charge of making the calls, they need to keep it to themselves. Running off at the mouth is part of the reason Ziggler got demoted.

    • Wynden

      Here’s the guy who put absolutely EVERYONE over to get them to “the spot”. Name an A+ player, and Taker helped them get there. The least the WWE could have done was leave The Undertaker with the streak when he retired. What are they going to do with Taker next year if he doesn’t retire?

    • AM Real

      I think taker once said that if the topic of breaking the streak ever came up he would go with it cause he’s a company guy and it’s the wwe who made up the streak in the first place

    • Stuart Moulding

      I have no problem with the streak ending but having that part time waste of oxygen Brock Lesnar be the one to do it is just bullshit!

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny agrees all streaks end, but to that shit head stupid moron bastard Brock Lesnar, the WWE insulted the Undertaker. Maybe if Lesnar was a fulltime performer?…..On second thought, no. Lesnar is an asshole dickhead.

        • Stuart Moulding

          Well said

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